five minute friday: OPPORTUNITY


They say opportunity knocks

They say that when the time is right you'll just know

They say to just work harder

Who are they anyway?

Opportunity does not announce itself with a resounding bang when it's time

Opportunity starts to peel back the cozy safe covers well before its time to spring out of bed, just enough to make you slightly uncomfortable

Opportunity is a spinning carousel of flashing show horses; they all look shiny inviting but leave the head spinning

Opportunity un-nerves and un-settles like a double shot of espresso drank much too late

Opportunity masks around as illogically, nonsensical…indulgent

Slowness, stillness, deliberateness when we want to spring into action reveals the real opportunity that whispers and coaxes

The flannel covers are tangled at my legs…am I brave enough, seemingly foolish enough?…to hit the cold wood floor in bare feet



Back to the flash mob writing know as Five Minute Friday the skinny on it is here.

This is just perfect for me in that 2013 has yawned open to serious blog writer's block.

The prompt is just perfect for where  Mr.MS and I find ourselves right now.

I wrote this most of all for you babe.



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