light hearted anticipation: CHRISTMAS EVE



{a group of jolly joggers early this morning going down my street}



{the  nativity scene displayed every year at our neighborhood's local Catholic church, also down  my street}




It's why each year I think I enjoy the 24th of December more than the 25th.

It's why I set the alarm clock to 6am this morning {Mr.MS was not impressed}.

To make this day of light hearted anticipation last as long as possible.


To enjoy a semi-lit pre-sunrise morning in my silent living room.

 Gazing at my multi-colored twinkle lights draped over the piano, weaved between my Santa collection.

Tomorrow will be the grand culmination of Christmas chaos and revelry, of course.  Christmas morning with a home full of children stands alone like no other day or experience.

But Christmas Eve is like a bright copper kettle: simmering, steaming, wafting, heavy laden with spicy mulled scents.  Your big empty Christmas mug is clutched in both hands and you're making your way to the stove, licking your chops.

And even though the sky has looked like this all week without the white stuff- making the scene as I look out our window look more like something described in
a Leo Tolstoy novel, instead of a Robert Frost poem-  outside Christmas lights and decorations still maintain their charm today.

I drove to the grocery store early this Christmas Eve morning, getting those last couple things, hoping to miss the crazy rush and letting the two big girls tag along.  We picked up Long Island bagels fresh from the bakery; a holiday gift in itself.




A quick Seasonal Creation update:

The only one I actually completed.  A shabby framed sign made from an old pink chippy mirror,the mirror shattered and long gone, fabric, chip board letters, a little bit of hand stitching and a lot of hot glue. {the chip board phrase I used last year, and altered it this year to this}.  Below it we nailed up a long board with old fashioned hooks drilled in, and our now SEVEN STOCKINGS {our kitty Mr. Bo gets one of course} hang below my creation: the next best thing to having an actual old fireplace mantle.  Maybe the next house.  Would love to share a photo but the lighting is just too terrible. Tonight they will be carefully filled by Santa, who decided to scale back a wee bit on the candy this year.

Lastly Christmas Eve means a bit of reading while we wait.

The marshall law of "screen free" has been instituted for today.

Cruel and unusual punishment for four children who are forced to wait extra long this year for Christmas Eve's at Gramma and Papas.  Not till 5pm this year.   Then the food, drinks, presents, candy, games,& repeat till exhausted and bloated shall begin.

I started and finished the book Christmas Shoes yesterday.

{My goodreads review is on the left side bar}

Reading O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi this afternoon to my family.

And our favorite Christmas book we pull out every year,the pop up edition  of A Charlie Brown Christmas:





And so Merry Christmas Eve!

Will be back in 2013.



5 thoughts on “light hearted anticipation: CHRISTMAS EVE

  1. Merry Christmas, Leah! I’m back in Blogland and catching up with everyone – so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner – thanks for your Thanksgiving visit!
    December has been a whirlwind of busy and far too much to clog and distract. Thankfully, the Lord is settling me down this week and I am hoping for a peaceful new year – may you be blessed with the same. I love your imagery describing Christmas Eve and morning – I right with you there!! Delicious poetic words to touch the heart . . .


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