The Christmas Post Is Here


Why I spend the weekend after Thanksgiving decoration not shopping…



Feeling the silver and blue and white sparkle love this year.

Every year I treat myself to just a few new Christmas decos to dress up our beautiful window seat.  This window seat being the only nice looking thing our horrid home could boast of way back in 2001 when we bought it. Today our home is no longer horrid but I always take a careful amount of time each season dressing it up. My way of honoring that bright spot that I think persuaded us to buy this place. Come December it becomes my home's ultimate homage to the Yuletide.





This year's hand made decoration extraordinaire.

The brilliant thing about it is that it is a favorite old oil painting that I simply slipped old Christmas hymnal pages under the wooden frame of; covering the painting up without damaging it. I then added on top of those pages some additional favorite Christmas hymns. "Grudged them up" with ink stamp pads, more  "gold shimmer" modge pod and stamped on a few images.  Added just a few embellishments…not many. And presto!  Come January 1st I can just slide the whole thing out and the original artwork will be waiting for me to hang above our piano for the next eleven months.










How to adorn a sleeping garden at Christmas.

Remove all Summer/Spring garden whatsits and thingies.

Leave only a few empty pots and urns.

Buy lots of little super cheap plastic shiny bulbs.

Don't cut back your butterfly bush no matter what anyone or any book tells you. {For the first year I have two pretty bushes in my front garden, and was able to hang my blue and silver bulbs from the dried boughs}.

Buy super cheap bendy artificial 12 inch evergreen trees.

Arrange as the Christmas spirit moves till it looks right to you.

Simple. Understated. Outside garden Christmas bling.

I have forever done the lights and ivy and big red bows wrapped around everything for the outside of our home.  The effect is beautiful.  This year however, I could not muster the enthusiasm.  Found "putting up outside decos and lights" sliding into my menial to-do list.  Right after scrub shower and before clean out the closet.

Then it came to my attention that our brand new, just off the ground small church we have been attending for 3 months is having a Christmas Eve service. Our church has no decorations.  No money to purchase any. In a flash, as I sat in our pew {our family takes up an entire one} I thought of my three over-sized blue totes getting unused and dirty on my porch.

I am letting the girls skip school this week and we are going to decorate the church with the same stuff packed in plastic totes I purposely avoid eye contact with every time I walk through the front door. I can't wait to simply decorate our old fashioned sanctuary with my girls.  It is something we are really looking forward to now.



Three Christmases ago this lady spent a really long time making a large quilted advent calender.  {The 25 pockets were made from folded re-used wine bags…come on!… that's just cool}  For two consecutive Christmases I tried to sell said advent calender.  It did not sell.  Proving that yes, the world really is out of whack.  So this year I brought it out of the large cardboard box labeled "to sell" and put it to use for our family. 

Twenty-five little pockets. 

Twenty-five little individual letters stamped to spell out a Christmas message to suspended over our door way.

Twenty-five pieces of chocolate candy…{its the good stuff too}.

Twenty-five pretty Christmas papers to be hung up.

Yes, it took a really long time on Sunday to fill up.  {We were a day late}.

Yes, I was getting pretty annoyed by the end, thinking to myself I would much rather be finishing up The English Patient in front of the fire while the family watched football.

But it is a really nice simple tradition I hope they will always remember.





Our collection of Old World Saint Nicks we, without really being aware of it at first, have collected every year.  {Except for the year we forgot}.  Many have special meaning and reflect what our little family was experiencing that Christmas.  Lucky for you I have a  handy-dandy little link right here that will plop you right on over to last year's post were I wrote a little poem-like narrative about each Santa titled: Twelve Santa's: A Tale of our Christmas Past.

We have not bought 2012's edition yet.


Finally, festive ware for our house and yard always means one thing around here:

Seeing red…









3 thoughts on “The Christmas Post Is Here

  1. Love the mixed media frame idea,clever.I was so late reading last years St Nick post that I didn’t dare comment,(before I discovered some blog platforms don’t appear on the reading list)Loved the sentiment then as now.Great portraits,my boys should try that.Glad you get to enjoy your beautiful calender.


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