Grandma’s house, first snow, and germs




After the feasting, the playing

in grandma's backyard when the air is warm and the sun is setting

when the warmth of being being with family; familiar and safe and kind, trails after you like the silhouette of your late afternoon shadow



cherry pie panic:

every single year i forget one pie = 2 cans of filling

not one can!

after my destroyed dessert from the previous night{last post}

another dessert disaster was not an option for this lady

I made my own cherry filling with dried cherries, flour, lemon juice, and sugar

feeling very proud of my cool head and quick thinking i clicked away at my inspiration of a cherry dough motif on the top of the cherry pie lattice

it was delicious to dine on after the turkey, gravy and potatoes



We awoke this morning to excited daughters pulling coats on over baggy pajamas and holding Mr. Bo on a knit scarf turned leash proclaiming:

"its his first snowfall! Can we go outside!?!"

Parent's simultaneous groggy response:

"sure, put on a hat"


She named this snowball: harold

dressed it in a scarf and hat and put it in the freezer when the sun turned warm exclaiming he has to be saved!

we hope it's just a phase



1/2 inch snow angels



The babe was well enough to frolic in the thin veneer of snow dropped on us for a bit

a fever since monday

horrible cough since Thanksgiving

doctor-confirmed ear infection today has had our spunky little one pale, red-rimmed around the eyes, and altogether pathetic looking and sounding

we have all been fighting some invisible virus that won't let go completely of the members of this house

that said, {being sick the week of Thanksgiving just stinks} i must say the slow, restful pace our family has modified itself to has been weirdly nice

Nothing planned, nothing pressing to do, going nowhere {except gramma and grandpa's of course, but that was a low key affair as well} eating copious amounts of leftovers, and spending all day yesterday leisurely putting up my several totes of Christmas decorations on what we call "attic day"- our black friday alternative; had a refreshing feel to it.

despite the coughing and aches and sore throats and constant checking of the clock to see when we could safely slog down more meds

monday is looming

hoping that kiddos can go back to school

Mr. Ms can drive off to work

the babe can stop coughing in my face day and night asking me to hold her

Sunday, tomorrow, is looking like another very low-laying day of rest and that is fine with me

but as i write this i am wondering:

why does it take an onslaught of sneaky germs on our family before we give in to simply relax when we are on a school/work break?

Even as aches and fatigue battered down on me I felt that twinge of guilt as i watched  the "classy Christmas" rerun on The Office and a couple more from season six afterwards

More gnawing guilt at the back of my brain as i read The English Patient in the middle of the day today till i drop off asleep in front of the wood stove

Are we programmed to think rest equals lazy?

here's hoping the official start up of the Christmas season gets healthier yet somehow retains some of the stillness and rest we had this long Thanksgiving weekend




3 thoughts on “Grandma’s house, first snow, and germs

  1. Your post is beautiful. Your message (slow down!) is so true. Your photos bring tears (of love and joy) to my eyes. I’ve been blessed.
    and ps: I’ve had a couple days (no sickness!) to slow down and literally veg. It’s so refreshing and so necessary.


  2. Great pie save! Mr Bo Jangles looks terrified,ha.Must be exciting for the girls, you have snow,we have surf. Hope you are all feeling much better, enjoy a restful time (without the guilt)


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