{5 minute friday} time again




when the eggs are burning

when the tea is cooling

when she needs help again with the wii party game

when surely my time should be spent more wisely

when i know i have not called her back yet

when i know the utility bill is way passed due


stay connected to paper, pencil, and the story

standing up, sitting down, at the kitchen counter, up in the laundry room, in the living room

i scribbled in my notebook

i wrote words that were coming to me

about my grandmother of all things and people

never even close to her

her story, the story of the birth of her son born with down syndrome, nearly forty years ago, suddenly filled my mind

stories passed down, lessons learned and God, always God's hand and what He was doing then, what He does now began to fill wide ruler bound pages in my purple writing journal




it is always worth it


 Linking up with the gypsy mama for my second go at: 5 minute friday.

Click on the button on the right sidebar to join.

Or simply read an excerpt Lisa shared from a fellow 5 minute-er.

It's good.

Its message unconsciously slipped, I believe, into my mind as I wrote today's prompt.

As with last week, I found myself writing in those fleeting 5 minutes, about what actually transpired this morning.

I love Fridays.












One thought on “{5 minute friday} time again

  1. Great job! Today was my first 5-Minute Friday, too, and I also wrote about my grandma! How ironic! My heart skipped a little when I read through your post. I liked how you began with a list of “when”. All those moments sounded familiar, yet you added beauty to the mundane. Thank you!


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