I can almost watch it sink


long shadows through the trees.


pale light on a naked garden brown and still.


turn around the sun has sunken lower.shadows longer.

now eye level. a cool glare.

a brief illumination. a perfect prism of color.

then it is going, going…



The November sun is a fleeting thing.

When the dark clouds do occasionally clear, that pale ball in the sky stands far off, keeping its distance, like a shy child.

I feel like I have been keeping a distance from this blog space – from blogland in general.

I am still orbiting around it, but with less intensity.

My love and need to write and photograph still rises in me, and demands to pour out.




I just have been plotting a different course.

Did not want to jinx anything but I have been occasionally submitting articles to various magazines to be published and have heard back from one: they said sure…on their website; their ezine.  Not their actual paper and ink edition.  That equals no pay for contribution, but it's a start.  The proverbial foot in the door.  I am still thrilled.  When the real deal goes down sometime after Thanksgiving there will be links my friend, have no doubt.

I have been pretty darn consistent about writing in my gratitude journal…early morning instead of before bed seems to be my perfect time.  What a difference it makes to pause with gratitude at the beginning of my days.


The Barnes and Noble cafe has been for months my secret office.

A fictional middle school/young adult story has been slowly sputtering out of me, sometimes with weeks and weeks of dormancy between, for about six months now.  I told my girls that it may be a story only for their enjoyment, and it may not be finished until they are in college.  I like having this writing endeavor on my creative back burning.

And lastly, this tax return I am torn whether or not to bite the bullet, the silver bullet considering the price tag and get a big girl SLR camera.  However, my thrifty upbringing demands me to make such a purchase as an investment and not an indulgence.

Considering, just considering dipping my toe into a very laid back home-based professional photography business.

I have a whole slew of cousins, nieces and nephews who are college-aged and in their twenties…thinking weddings can't be far off.  Weddings bring about first time parents and everyone knows they love to spend way too much money on baby portraits.

At least that is my thinking.

I still love to do mixed media photography artwork also.

The sun only shines for so many hours a day however; leaving only so much time to tackle so many pursuits.

Rising early helps.

The early bird always gets the worm, whatever shape the worm may be.



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