five minute friday



she sat on the black chair with the cracked back

she had a cup of coffee in her hand, already cooling because again she got distracted picking something up instead of sitting down when the cream was added

the sun was organge slices on the front window

warm color streaking the quiet room stretched out from the east

facing the front she closes her eyes, takes a sip, takes another

opening her eyes that is when the glint, like gold flashing in a pan, caught her right eye

the small mirror, hanging on the wall on the west side was catching orange rays that sliced through the windows in far room to her left

refraction? is that what it is called? the bouncing of light?

it hit her full in the face, this quiet moment; sun rays from another room illuminating her face

it was perfectly still and lovely



Welcome to my 5 minute friday!

Yesterday, while doing some much neglected blog catching up and surfing I came across two lovely sites that participated in this.

Was intrigued.

Read more.

Loved the philosophy behind it:

Writing without that hounding perfectionism chiding you over the shoulder, for five concentrated minutes.

I strive to be truthful here.  Am an honest person, but an over-thinking one.  Am striving to make more time for writing.  So 5 minute friday fits like an Isotoner glove.

I cannot tell a lie: I wrote for 6 minutes!

This story is a real account of this morning.

The word prompt comes from today's 5 minutes friday blog host over at:

lisajo baker's blog: tales from a Gypsy Mama

You can click on the 5 minute button on my side bar on the right for the complete low down and join in on this speedy, low pressure, creative community.



4 thoughts on “five minute friday

  1. Thrilled you joined us this week for our 5 min writing challenge! (isn’t it liberating? to write your heart raw like this?)
    And I felt like I was right there, with warm rays upon my face. Beautiful!
    thank you for letting me in to that moment of SONshine šŸ™‚
    All for Him with hugs to you,


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