Back to business as usual {but without photos}

I sit down to write and my blog tells me that I have not since October 27th. 

And that was a quickie.

Sitting here looking at a blank screen I am unsure what exactly transpired in the last ten days that sucked dry every chance for me to sit, think, and amerce myself in down time.

"Down time" being- taking pictures, slowly, selectively, going over each monitor-sized image on my computer, then write and share about what those photos represent in blogland.

But wait, now I remember what happened in the blur of last week. A few events that prevented me from plunking my fanny in this chair, my fingers on this keyboard, and my face in front of this screen.

Hurricane Sandy– that thankfully left no damage, but did result in school cancellation and local grocery stores looking as if there had been a rash of looting during the day.

Halloween with 4 children who:

a) still all  trick or treat

b) are allowed to dictate their own costume

c) get real, REAL excited about candy

Eating Raw And Detoxing For 5 Days Mr.MS was having some health issues that had escalated from a irritating nuisance to barely able to function.  Our nurse practitioner prescribed two medications.  After a day of eye rolling, to pretending not to hear, to a contemptuous agreement, Mr. MS decided to give doing a "body detox" a go, before heading to the pharmacy.  Because I know sometimes one has to practice what one preaches I "went raw"doing a body detox too.

What did that mean?

Day 1-  A fast. Hot water with lemon, cold water, or herbal decaf tea only for 24 hours.

Day 2&3- Only fruits and veggies.  Raw.  Meaning uncooked as much as possible {had to roast or bake something for dinner, to make it even resemble dinner}. Oh yeah, night three was Halloween, and I DID NOT HAVE EVEN ONE PIECE OF CANDY.  The stuff was flying like confetti on New Year's Eve let me tell you.  What we did cheat on however, was a glass or two of Mr.MS homemade organic blueberry wine…I have never enjoyed a glass of fermented fruit so much…boy did we need it.  Halloween gets harder and harder to survive each year.

Day 4- fruits and veggies during the day as normal, and then a little bit of whole grain pasta and tuna for dinner.  Oh yeah and another glass of wine.  So what?  We're weak.

Day 5- Fruits, veggies, some whole grains, lean meat, no fake food. Still no dairy for me, or even decaf coffee {which still has small amounts of caffeine} for Mr.MS.  This is because dairy is the food culprit my body screams "not you again!" and caffeine is Mr.MS's.

Day 6- eat healthy…all those things we all know we should, those things we all know we should not except for in small-sized, once or twice a day treats.


When I did get some Halloween candy I inhaled it, I admit, like a starving refugee, and it made me feel instantly sick. So my question is what fiend from hell tampered and wrecked my beloved Kit Kat bar?  Or have they always tasted that gross two seconds after they hit your stomach lining? {A common side effect of eating only real food for an extending time- the guilty pleasure fake food you onced enjoyed feels as if it is rotting in your stomach upon arrival to your stomach.  You have been warned.}

Note #2:

I still had one cup of coffee each morning.  I am not the one with health problems OK?  And don't forget I am weak.

Let me tell you eating raw reminds me why I don't eat many fresh fruits and veggies, {unless you count corn tortillas and salsa}.

That being: It Takes A Dang Long Time To Prepare.

Fruit smoothies with added fresh minced ginger root ( a natural detox-er) tasted delicious, uber good for you, but took what felt like an entire morning to make.

Same goes for a big veggie salad with a side of apples smeared with almond butter for lunch.

ditto on-

A rainbow of roasted veggies doused in sea salt and basting oil we tried to tell ourselves was filling us up at dinner.

So picture all that extra time making those three meals for the two of us, and then all the regular meals for four hungry girls.  That equals spending nearly all day in the kitchen.  It was actually not that unpleasant.  Passing the week washing, chopping, mincing, baking, mixing, preparing and serving out food; a much used  apron constantly donned around my waist.  It had a type of Oliva Walton or Ma Ingalls feel to it.

I feel great, literally lighter inside. Mr.MS's symptoms are all but gone.

A break from blogging, to detox, prepare for Sandy, and survive what has become the circus that is Halloween in this house, is as good as any reason to abandon blogland for a spell.


One thought on “Back to business as usual {but without photos}

  1. I’m glad you guys were spared the worst of the storm. Eating right is so worth is but can be such a pain – especially when feeding different groups! Good job though, it sounds like it was what you guys needed!


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