Looks pretty/smells bad


this is the pretty…enamel bucket with stickers on our kitchen counter



this is the  smells bad…decomposing produce mixed with brown leaves  and raked over veggie/herb and flower beds that are "going to bed" for the season



this just looks pretty…i like pretty


way, way, back in 2011 when for the first time we became home owners, and by default owners of a parcel of grass that needed a snug garden, i got into gardening

i remember going to the public library and checking out about 5 books on how-to gardening

every single book started chapter one all about-dirt

dirt every time segued into the glories and awesomeness of making your own compost

it took 11 years but i finally got around to it

it was easier and smellier than i imagined

it is infact glorious and awesome

and we have less garbage

i feel cool and earthy

linking up with shadow shot sunday 2 to check out shadows all over our beautiful world




4 thoughts on “Looks pretty/smells bad

  1. We have composted on and off over the years. Now we are on again with a compost tumbler. Not as good as the three bins we once had but it does collect most garden waste and kitchen scraps.


  2. Hello Leah and thank you for stopping by my place : )
    I love your shot of the leaves .. this Autumn hasn’t been the best but then again we had a terrible summer with intense heat and drought .. I think the trees have been fed up ? LOL
    Yes .. gardening .. we learn something different every year with it don’t we?
    It is the best hobby in the world for appreciating the world !


  3. I’ve been a bad “dump and run” blogger lately. We’ve just tipped a pile of cow poo into our shredder which made it fine enough to dig into our vege patch.Love compost. Hope you aren’t too close to the coming storm, been thinking about you guys and wondering, sounds serious.


  4. Great! Yes…it IS smelly isn’t it? We just would keep our compost scraps in a plastic bucket in the sink and then dump when it needed it….it took me a while, but then I decided we needed to put a lid on that to keep the smells down ~ lol! But we love it…and the best part is that we feel we aren’t throwing away EVERYTHING….it has also saved our garbage disposal…before we composted, we’d go through a disposal every three years it seemed….we’ve been going 7 now on the same one 🙂 got to love that one! Have a great week Leah….stay dry!


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