Cut It Out


    So… you know how I quite frequently  write about Ann Voskamp and her book One Thousand Gifts and it's {in part} about listing gratitude each day?




Well…I have not really been doing that…like at all.

On the Mondays that I link up with Ann's blog for her Multitudes on Monday

I do…reaching back in my fuzzy memory to recall good things I was given and thankful for.

I will say in my defence {always SO quick to defend myself} that while I have been sucking at listing… the daily HABIT of thankfulness…having eyes to see gifts in each messy stressful day…has surfaced in my fervid brain…on a lot of days.

That said, while I feel so jolly smug with myself for cultivating the habit of thankfulness, I still am compelled to confess that when I don't  cut out daily time to list, I struggle more with a complaining tongue.

For whatever reason- the dark, murky, hormonal soup, that bubbles and ebbs and flows deep in this woman-there lay some sort of scientific and spiritual equation that makes this so. {I never said I was logical} I don't understand just is.

Oh, and when I complain…I clean…all the time.

My house has been really neat…but really who cares?

There is a price to pay for over-tidiness.

They are as follows:

*Kids who watch TV more and more each day.

{cant clean when they all are doing something}

*I don't spend any time creating pretty things.

{who has time when the counter is covered in crumbs again}

*I get annoyed more with Mr.MS in the evening.

{ right around at 7pm when it dawns on me the kitchen is messy again and I have not sat down all day-why I then get mad at my  husband I don't know?- Again…the dark, murky, hormonal soup…}

And so I, with these thoughts and realizations swimming around,  decided I just need to "cut it out".

{Does anyone else instantly think of Dave Coulier from Full House everytime that phrase is mentioned}?

Full house

Okay back to being serious.

I just have to cut out time to list for pete's sake!  It does not even take long!

Cut out time to create.

Cut out time to sit and talk with the girls about "what's important to us" as a family.  We had a family meeting about being more purposefully with our time. And the girls themselves decided to cut out big gobs of time to not watch TV…of course there is now a pinned up schedule…cuz that is how we roll.

Cut out my tongue when tempted to complain or pick a fight.

{OK not really… but you get the metaphor}.


And so here in no particular order is my list of this past weeks gratitudes: my gifts from my Heavenly Father who thankfully is steady, solid, reliable, always good, always pure.  In other words not like me.  But He is never surprised at my failings…really is okay with it. He just doles out The Grace. And I try to dole it out in return.


the last backyard picnic of 2012


blue skies ALL DAY on Saturday against orange hills and silvery branches



following that still small voice that said:

"just get down on the ground and be silly"


they are still young enough to find raking up and jumping in leaves- thrilling


my Big Girl's first public performance on the piano.  "How Great Thou Art"  in front of a sanctuary full of people.  My 16 year old niece sang.


a friend insisting I read this book


coming across Scripture that perfectly illuminates  in my heart the message in her book


the freedom I felt to spend an entire Monday creating a mixed media art piece based on those verses





3 thoughts on “Cut It Out

  1. Leah, I loved this post, because I completely relate!! It’s amazing what God does in my heart when I’m counting HIs many gifts. And when I don’t consciously decide, I usually end up with one of those days you just described: where I clean house all day, and the kids watch too much tv. Then, I’m frustrated when little messes begin to form. And I get depressed, negative, and flat out exhausted!! But when I turn my heart to Jesus, rest in Him, thank HIm, I’m okay. And I actually take joy in all my tasks. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement and I’m so glad to have met you in this online world. Blessings!


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