Un-likely suspects





These  are my unusual suspects.

Let me back up by saying, that for years I spat, like a superstitious old woman, every time the world "technology" was mentioned.  "Cursed technology! Perverting all that this good and holy about communication and relationships" {can you see my gnarled fist shaking?}

I also regularly participated of making fun of "cat people". OK, OK I still do.  When I was on facebook I rolled my eyes when sometime posted about their cat.  I have been privy to times of prayer at our church and some old soul would "ask prayer for her cat" and yep, I silently and momentarily mock.

Didn't say I was proud.

Sorry everyone.


Now it goes without saying that as I presently consider " Manyslices" my legal name and "Mr.MS" my husband's #1 reference, that I have come to peace with technology…with open flailing giddy arms.

However, I was the last person in my tax bracket and hemisphere to get a cell phone.

Today I am here to tell you that TEXTING  has improved my marriage.

Let me tell you how:

Early this past Summer the babe and I were laying on the deck reading a book together.

She fell asleep on me.

Totally idyllic, adorable, tender and above all:


At this juncture of my life I was hot and heavy with fb…I admit it.  But the nagging pangs of  superficial comments and "likes" were starting to add up.    Above all: the narcissistic reality that began to swell up like a balloon in my daily habits that compelled to me to share  mundane, silly, sarcastic, and clever antics of my day, for the sole person to satisfy  the deep itch of " people like me"  to a large number of men, women and minors who could not tell me the ages of all my children: was starting to make me feel like a tool.

So, back to idyllic moment of the deck with a my angelic-faced sleeping babe:

I made the sudden decision to turn on my cell phone camera ,clicked, and then sent it to my husband instead. It had a texted message that I think said something like: wish U were here… havin such an awesome sweet time with fw.  {that's her nick name-short for "fun wrecker"…if you had lived in our house when she was 2 you would understand why}.

Now we had texted before…but it was more…practical…utilitarian. 

Get milk. 

R U gonna B late?

I think we over-drafted again!!

Things like that.

That day it hit me that my mundane, silly, sarcastic, and clever antics do matter to my husband.  He's not hear.   (Someone has to make money).   I am home.  (Someone has to feed the beasts and keep the clean underwear coming).  And so parallel lives start to evolve.  At 5 O'clock I don't think he wants to hear that the babe needed to disciplined 5 times today, I finally organized that closet, my favorite flowers bloomed today and doesn't the bouquet I made from them look lovely.  Ditto this about his daily deeds.

Texting helped us intersect.

The cute things.

The funny things.

Mocking stupid things {above all our favorite.  Why ISN'T sarcasm a love language?}

We have something to joke about and relate to at 5 O'clock.  Not every evening.  But a lot more.


A phone with a keyboard and a camera.  Brilliant.


Unto the next.

Let me introduce you to Bo…

Mr. Bo Jangles.


The unthinkable has happened here at "the house of women".

We have a pet.

I don't like animals.  We live on a really busy road that routinely kills 4-legged creatures of various types and sizes, and, as I am fond of saying:

"my kids are animals all ready…why would I want more..that WON'T take care of me when I am senile"?

I don't even know how it happened.  But the crazy notion that a cat would not be too bad got a hold of me.  Really it's the perfect pet for me because like myself felines are independent, prefer to be alone, don't yelp out all the time (as opposed to a barking dog and incessant talkers) and are clean.

I mentioned it to a shocked Mr.MS, who said he has wanted one for a long time but figured I would instantly shoot the idea down with a slight peppering of swear words (am I really that bad?).

So we said "Christmas"!  {picture a big velvet red bow}

That was too long.

Then we  said "Halloween"! {picture a miniature orange and black sparkly witch's hat)

That was too long.

Then we said "Saturday"! The only accessory being a camo kitty collar…cuz this house really does need some more testosterone.

We love him.

It is so weird.  I keep having flash backs of bringing home a baby.

Keep in mind that every two to three years for the first eight years of our marriage I would walk through our door-pale, shuffling, and hormonal, carrying a new little addition.

Its now been nearly four, and without realizing it I miss holding a little soft bundle.

This time?  No massive blood loss, boobs in pain, or out of control crying to accompany.

Likewise, when we brought home "a new sister", the girls are obsessively circling.  Begging to hold.

We keep hushing them as they holler and yell saying its too loud for him.

I have caught myself, more than once, almost saying "Quiet the baby is sleeping" instead of "Bo"

It's really perfect.

The girls no longer beg and lament child abuse over having no pet.

Mr. Bo leaves me alone during the day.

I can occasionally rub his head as I pass by.

I pet him and listen to him purr when I lay down.

Really he has made a happy addition to our family.

Best of all: At night when he "cries" {pathetic meows} I just ignore and roll over to sleep.

Zero guilt about keeping him downstairs.  Now that is a nice alternative to parenting.

Mr.MS says it's plain evidence of my cold, cold  heart.

I tell him he's lucky I let him in my bed.

Texting and kitties! Who would of thought?






5 thoughts on “Un-likely suspects

  1. Absolutely beautifully written!! And I’m smiling all the way because I know you well, and I see the evolution, and it’s a beautiful thing. Both things you talk about, let me observe, involve more love in your life (and you had plenty before!). It’s just happy, happy expansion of what the world needs more of. Keep writing!


  2. ahhhh funny! yes, wait until the girls have a phone…who would have thought they’d want to chat with their ol’ mom and dad? It’s really fantastic 🙂
    Good luck with the kitty….we’d like to get rid of ours…just in case you decided you’d like another ~ lol!!


  3. Forgive my late comments, for some reason typepad,wordpress posts don’t register on my reading list?? Mr Bo Jangles is very cute, a treasure for your girls. I’m not a cat person just a siamese one.We had just brought home two kittens a month before we discovered we were having child no.4. I was so depressed for weeks,couldn’t face months and months of morning sickness while two kitties were climbing the curtains in the middle of the night!Still resisting allowing my 2 youngest mobile phones inspite of being a uncool parent.


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