A love letter

If feels like Monday.

Columbus weekend has a way of doing that to you.

So here is a tardy Multitudes on Monday at Ann Voskamps beautiful A Holy Experience Blog.

Was gonna let is pass by, what with a houseful of girls {7 to be exact} in my home yesterday.

But then just few minutes ago, I found this typed out on my desktop…


of my rooms

my name is lydia I am here because I wot to tell you about all of my
rooms. the 1st room is the den I am writing in the den in
the I den have the TV in the den. And now the living room my mom and
dad talk all the time in the living room on the couch now the
kitchen. In there it has 100 bit,s of food

my room is very clan room I love my rooms so much




And I happened upon A Gift.

that made my heart swell like the most poetic of love letters.


She has been seeking out Microsoft word on the family PC more than webkinz, barbie, or utube.

She suddenly loves to write.

About her life.

The quiet one.


who prefers to fade to the back ground


who studies and thinks and daydreams


who daily transforms our deep backyard into

an epic adventure


I am so blessed by this girl.

She was my only mid-wife birth {best experience by miles}.

She is my only baby I brought home from the hospital on a sunny warm day.

She is the only sister who can quietly tame "the beast" and by that I mean "the babe"; the 3-three old who is SO NOT a morning person.

Just this morning "the beast" starting screaming over something as life altering and horrible as her sister mentioning in passing "the desk".

"The Beast" naturally assumed she was on her way to set fire to her pre-k desk in the other room. (her current pride and joy).

Whilst ever one else ignored the 4th screaming fit of the morning, munching our toast, I spied my quiet one rubbing her shrieking little sister's back.

"Shhh…its okay honey. 

She is talking about her desk at school.

Don't worry"


I whispered a thanks and a praise in her ear as I cleared un-eaten crusts and half-drank milk glasses.

That's what she does.


My Monday was full of noise, hours in the kitchen trying to ration out food, but sprinkled with  the gifts of color in many Autumn-toned forms:


Rich tones of harvested grape juice

Jewels of warm color in glass jugs



Tree litter from our favorite maple tree all over our deck

Crispy confetti




The last fragrant offering from my garden.

Clipped, jarred, and put to market

Colorful entrepreneurial-ship for my girls




Black and white signs

It provided excitement, fun,

and lasting memories with their 3 cousins

even though EVERY SINGLE CAR whooshed by.


My gratitude list:

That helps these often glazed-over eyes to see clearly

"My Father who knows how to give good things" {Book of Matthew 7th chapter 11th verse}.

#29 her love letter blinking out from my computer screen

#30 God's natural anti-anxiety perscription in sterilized gallon glass jugs

#31 Mums, sedum, butterfly bush spikes and the last few roses in old jars

#32 No school enjoyed with cousins who are also my girls' best friends

#33 Deck "tree litter"under warm socks



2 thoughts on “A love letter

  1. leah…thank you so much for your kind words…your earlier post went thru…i am just keeping them to myself. for now. BUT i so appreciate your words. things are still hairy…i don’t understand the law. many, many things that amaze me. 4th time felon with a low bond set…he pays it…he is out of jail. it is all very, very pathetic. thanks for keep us in your thoughts!!!!


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