I’m glad I am not married to a farmer


This was what my lovely family was doing last Fall.

It was a great season of apples, pumpkins, blue skies and a crisp confetti of leaves under your feet.

2012 was a weird, weird year weather-wise.

We basically never had winter, as temperatures would dip down in predictable cold, to only hover up to odd balmy temperatures a few days later.  It never really snowed.  Our first real snow storm came crashing down with ice in April.  All around us nature was swollen, prematurely in Spring. Blossoms were destroyed.  The farmers had no cherries to sell to spend- happy tourists and to local families who make going to U-picks a family tradition.  This year's harvest of Apples was paltry.  And after a beautiful and dry early and mid September, the last few weeks have been overcast and rainy.  We are blessed to live near the Finger Lakes; a spectacular region of water, valleys, formations, wine, and food. Again, spend-happy tourists are not hitting up the local pumpkin patches, and apple & raspberry u-picks.  Again local families are just not gonna haul their squirmy, active kids in the rain to all the harvest activities that make up a huge percentage of what farmers and their families make to live on the rest of the year.

I am glad Mr.MS drives to an office, employed by the deep pockets of New York Education to keep technology going strong.  Now that is one cash cow that is not running dry.

Now before I get all "Food Inc" on you, resist the urge to move your mouse to scroll down to some pretty pictures. (cuz ya know they are comin')

Here's my point:

Today Mr.MS is hitting up some vineyards to get the last of their grape harvest so we can make our own red-neck wine.  (The vineyards were blessed with a great grape harvest this year…go figure).

We were planning on making it a family day…apples, pumpkins, cider, corn mazes…the whole harvest 9 yards.  But its pouring.  Mr.MS is going solo (cuz come rain, hail, or tsunami, nothing gets in the way of our homemade wine).  I have resisted buying the apples at our local Wegmans grocery store(with really high prices because of the shortage) since we wanted to do the whole family fun u-pick thing.

I heard myself say over coffee in bed this morning (don't hate… its my rite after a near decade of dawn patrol with hungry babies and bed wetting toddlers)

" I'll just pick up several bags of apples at the grocery store I guess".

I shook my head.  Wait a second, I thought.  "He's gonna be up there getting juice.  Why not stop at the several stands I know are still open.  It will not be the same fun, warm fuzzy experience, you'll get a little wet…but who cares?  It will probably be cheaper not having to pay the middle man, i.e huge grocery store…and the farmers are doing lousy, why not help them?"

So that is what we are doing.

So any North Easterners in particular, and anyone else general reading- remember the local farmers.  When you are out and about these next couple weeks probably buying stuff anyway…why don't you make an effort, get out your iphone and find some local produce being sold.  Buy some, even if the view out your car window does not look a Norman Rockwell picture, and there are no corn mazes or free samples of hot cider.

Off my soap box I go.



Its been rain, rain, rain.  But a few times the clouds would part and the glory of October would fill before us.

Such a moment happened as we were walking to school yesterday morning.

I clicked just as the babe fell off her speedy little bike (don't worry she was fine…one of many spills)

My second has her own sense of fashion-which includes mixing plaids with floral.  Fashion self-confidence.

My two offerings of shadow shots at http://shadowshotsunday2.blogspot.com/


The babe was off like a rocket on her bike that morning- the streaming morning light over her blond head,  a crunchy carpet of orange under her pedaling crocs.

This weeks offering of i heart macro shot at http://blog.studiowaterstone.com/

And as Ann of Ann of Green Gables  once said:

"Be glad you live in a world that has Octobers"



10 thoughts on “I’m glad I am not married to a farmer

  1. We went to the Farmer’s Market this morning – does that count? I love that yearly tradition, I just need to get some apple cider donuts and I will be good to go! I am worried about this winter, since last year was so mild. Cute kids, crunchy leaves and October ARE wonderful things to rejoice though 🙂


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