Prelude to an October


The first turning leaves- like jewels peeping out of the treasure chest-known around these parts as:








Flip flops , tanks, and shorts are abandoned for sneaks, boots  sweats, and jeans on family walks:





And after the whirlwind of activity that is known as:

Back To School

in these parts:

Comes me and Mr.MS annual pilgrimage to Cape May, NJ {that's right I coupled the words pilgrimage and New Jersery in the same sentence}.


"Poor Richards Inn"…the perfectly named B&B for us.

Every year we really look forward to it.

Though every year, about three weeks prior, the usual tape keeps playing in my mind of:

"Maybe we should just skip it this year"

"it cost so much"

"we go every year, but he kids have not had a trip to the ocean in four years…that makes me feel bad"

Every year we get in a fight and Mr.MS,  exasperated, says:

"why do I even try?  you clearly don't like to relax and enjoy or spend money if it is solely for us" {and by that the implication is clear…for him}.

Verbal slap in the face.

Is that true?

Because anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows:

I am not into self-denial.

But time for the relationship for marriage always gets gathered up and pushed to the back.

Like that old worn quilt we keep in our van; permanently waded up in the back in case one day we do one of those en prom tu (i think my french is off) picnics.  It never happens though.  And every three to four months it has to be dragged out and washed because it is starting to smell.

Why do we women, we mothers, we wives {see just now I unconsciously listed my "wife" title last} shove off time for marriage, time for joy, with the guy we used to get flutters in our tummy, and tingles elsewhere, every time we were in the same room with?  How does anything else- to organizing closets and organized sports for kids whose attention span is too short to remember to flush the toilet, much less kick a ball for 60 minutes, trump our most important earthly relationship?

I do it all the time.

I don't want to, but I do.

Cape May for 3 days at the end of September is my annual reminder of the exact why and who I feel in love with all those years ago.

Yep, the end of September re-calibrates and re-aligns my vision, helping me to see right


One thought on “Prelude to an October

  1. Fall makes my heart feel happy, especially up here on the East coast.
    I love that you do a yearly trip, same time, same place. What a perfectly wonderful tradition!


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