A Sabbath Rest


Sometimes staying in bed close

Enjoying the warm sun

Is the best way to start the Sabbath.



Sometimes somber shadows

Sliced by cheerful light

Brings to remembrance

Holy truth


For thus saith the Lord of God , the Holy One of Israel; in returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.  But ye said, No for we will flee upon horses…we will ride upon the swift.

The book of Isaiah

chapter 30

verses 15 &16


Faster and Faster

More and More

To multi-tasking around the house as I clean.

To pop up links that grab my eye as I read on-line.

My mind feels cluttered.

And I fear that swimming thoughts, vying information, and that un-spoken whisper that "you ought to do a bit more" has become my mental norm.

"haste makes waste"

That is the old adage.

Being useful, accomplishing something, distracting myself with information, is how I flee and ride upon the swift.

I want to achieve something measurable.

But I keep getting dragged backed to tending those intangible pursuits, because He desires Spiritual fruit, that will never be jotted down on a resume, or engraved on a plaque.

A mother who listens more.

A wife who praises more.

A friend who calls more.

And always, always, a child of God who prays more.

And yet…

I stand peering at new bend in the road of my narrow, unassuming life.

When our house did not sell and we decided not to move, that spelled out for us: then there needs to be another change.

For us it was leaving our large, well established rural church for a very raw, just getting on its feet, very tiny community church.

My husband and I feel the prompting to be leaders, do something tangible, something out of our comfort zone. For me (gasp) out of my house!

So many ideas and visions spin around one day. I am excited and positive.

Then the next morning I rise and find I feel completely inadequate. I just want to go back to my unassuming life again.  I am cynical and deflated.

The double minded women: am I.


But today, in not doing much.

In simply staying snug under a sunny quilt with Mr. MS

In simply singing and listening in church, (not in analyzing and judging, no matter how noble and spiritual my intent).

No action plans.

No warm fuzzies.

No working so hard (in my mind) to find that sure path lit with glaring road flares,

The revolutionary thought that:

I do not have to know it all, so I can swiftly flee to my destination, to then be useful.

In returning and rest shall ye be saved– saved from what? myself

In quietness and  in confidence shall be your strength-strength to do what? the will of The Father.

Pretty ambiguous.

But ambiguity can be peaceful, because without that specific measuring stick, my perfectionist, over-analyzing, up and down self- can't sabotage.


And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, "this is the way, walk ye in it", when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

The book of Isaiah

chapter 30

verse 21


A promise such as that leaves even the most skittish of us, feeling as comforted and snug as the first Sunday nap in front of the first fire of the year:


And so I am sharing for the first time on this space my list of gratitude.

Those gifts right before my eyes that I blindly don't see and dumbly pass by  over and over again until I slow down, breathe and listen.

#1His arms searching me first thing each morning

#2Morning sun through white curtains

#3 The first fire in the wood stove this year

#4Her small child snores coming from an astonishingly grown up girl

#5The Book of Isaiah


Linking up and sharing with other bloggers and photographers at

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Heres to Sundays.



8 thoughts on “A Sabbath Rest

  1. Mom i love the pictures you took up in your room and i remember the picture you took of the coffee mug. I love the one of you taking a picture of me sleeping. I really enjoyed reading your blog today even though you are thirty feet away from me in the house right now. I love you!!
    Your oldest daughter


  2. ah Sabbath rest…this year I gave my self an extra Sabbath day…Mondays…I stay at home with no agenda…I don’t go out shopping or to do errands or meet with friends…I just stay home to read, rest, pray, eat, live and breathe…your blog thoughts were a welcome addition to my extra Sabbath…cheers!


  3. Beautiful words and beautiful post. I love that verse in Isaiah, that “in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” A good, needed word for me today. And I’m so glad you’re joining in Multitudes on Monday’s. It’s amazing how much God does in my heart as I count His many blessings. Hoping you have a restful day. Blessings!


  4. Hi Leah! I love your daughter’s comment. That is so cute that she reads your blog.
    I also love the comment you left on my blog about not being a big time blogger. That was REALLY good. So good in fact that I featured it this week on my blog.
    You really made me stop and think and that’s what the comments are all about!
    Blessings to you fellow small blogger! 😉


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