A Day For Tea and Ny-Quill


In my excitement for Autumn leaves, back to school, and lazy football afternoons I forgot about another rite of passage that comes each year as temperatures cool:

September sickness.

Maybe it is the sharp cool night air that drops drastically as bedroom fans whirl while we sleep.

Maybe it is the fall allergens in the air making their way to our sinuses and throats.

Maybe it's life.

But it seems like we always get slammed, all at once with coughs, aches, and thick gross sore throats.

After much coaxing of myself and then my raspy-voiced girls out of bed, all five of us wanted the same thing:


Piping hot green tea with extra honey.

I never touch the stuff in the summer, but sip on some just about every late morning as soon as the mornings turn cool.


After a whirlwind of activity from a certain freckled and double dimple faced 6-year-old-birthday-girl, and a woman's spiritual retreat for Mom sandwiched in between, and a teetering pile of chores that follow after such a weekend, cool steady rain was a welcomed slowed down pace.

I was kinda glad that the weather prevented me from walking the block to the bus stop because it meant that I could stay in pajamas and not have to put on a bra.

of course i can never be on time and so we missed the bus…which means yep…pjs and bra-less…luckily my bottoms can be easily mistaken for leisure ware (it's such a fine line) and my top was a t-shirt and so i just walked with my arms tightly crossed in front of my chest…that I am sure looked convincingly like i was just cold…yes chilly with leisure ware on…i am sure i fooled everyone as i walked her in the front door and down the hall.

Maybe it was my fuzzy and aching head…but I thought the view of the rain was pretty from my front porch this late morning

 the blur of standing in the rain

{picture of a stranger…yeah i felt a little creepy…but the shot turned out good}

the sheen of rain

the widening ripples of rain


Additional anecdotal anyone?

It was not embarrassing quite enough to show up at my daughter's elementary school bra-less in pajamas and so…

 12:05-  I am felling terrible so I decide to chug some never-fail-nyquill-cold medicine. My big girls (home-sick) and the babe snuggled up on the couch with me as we put in "You've Got Mail." {tom hanks and meg ryan make everyone feel better}.

12:15- the school nurse calls to tell me my 1st grader got slammed in the mouth at gym, has a bloody swollen lip, and is crying.

I decide to pick her up from school.

12:18- the NyQuill starts kicking in

12:25- I try to decide what looks more white trash:

pajamas dropping off your kid?


stoned on cold medicine picking up your kid?

I can't decide.

Let me know if you do.



2 thoughts on “A Day For Tea and Ny-Quill

  1. oh my gosh leah…I love it. I have been off this week (between jobs) and i love getting out of bed throwing a jacket over my pj’s and NO BRA!!! yeah soul sista!!! sorry to hear ya’ll are sick. my hubby is getting hit hard with allergies as well. keep on clicking that camera girl!!! love the photos and the commentary. xx. robin.


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