the armour of light


The Night Is Far Spent

The Day Is At Hand:

Let Us Therefore


Cast Off The Works Of Darkness

And Let Us Put On

The Armour Of Light

Romans 13:13 

Do We Truly Stumble So Blind

That We Must Be Affronted

With Blinding Magnificence

For Our Blurry Soul-Sight

To Recognize Grandeur?

Who Has Eyes Or Time To Notice?

All My Eyes Seem To Fixate On Are The Splatters Of Disappointments

                                                                                                        Ann Voskamp

                                                                                                 One Thousand Gifts



It Starts To Unfold

Light In The Dark.

A Door Opening Up

How All These Years

Have Been Utterly Pointless

To Try To Wrench Out

The Spike Of Discontentment.

Because The HABIT Of Discontentment

Can Only Be Driven Out

By Hammering In One Iron Sharper.

The Sleek Pin Of Gratitude.

I Hammer.

Again Ann in One Thousand Gifts


Some Days

I Pick Up My Camera

And It's A Hammer

The Lens Is My Ink

For The Cameras

Have Sensor Eyes

And The Pixels Record


It Is The Brave

Who Focus On All The Good Things

And All The Things Beautiful

And All The The Things True

Even In The Small

why would the world need more anger, more outrage?

They Are The Change Agents

Who Bring Fullest Light To The World

Ann in One Thousand Gifts

one last time

We Have Also

A More Sure Word Of Prophecy:

Whereunto Ye Do Well

That Ye Take Heed

As Unto A Light That Shineth

In A Dark Place

Until The Day Dawn

And The Day Star

Arise In Your Heart


Second Letter

First Chapter, 19th Verse



The very first time you try your hand at crossing over from that simple "click n shoot" mindset to purposing, and artfully recording your life with pixels; light become as a big deal.

It shows us as things really are.

It allows that sharp contrast of vivid focus so one object is magnified in distinct beauty and the rest blur soft…temporarily unnecessary.

You know what I mean.

Those "how do I do that" images beginning photographers sigh happy at…and latter squint and adjust to achieve.


{ I have a great cheater setting on my camera that plainly advertises "blurry back round" so no fooling with exposures or lens are doing some sort of advance mental math in my head to keep my statue crisp and my little owl blurry…see I am not so smart}

The armour of light {not misspelled just using the old English)

I quoted oh so freely above from One Thousand Gifts because that book in itself was a gift.

It drove right between my eyes the simple truth:

We hold the looking glass to see dazzling arrangements or dour lumps in our immediate perspective.

That looking glass is our attitude.

My perspective needs to be bolted into the attitude and the actual person of Jesus Christ, alive today.

Secured to Him, mindful of Him, Humbled by His love and gift of salvation I see how inward looking of self (even when dressed up nice in religious volunteerism, conservative values, and positive thinking) turns to sinking mud.  I am never satisfied when I myself loom large.

Others' joys being my joys.

Eternal value and perspective take an unnatural platform through deliberate effort, deliberate recalibration, to replace  the snag and snares of: grasping today's quick fix, demanded Me time to make me feel better, "since I deserve it seeing how much I do".

A loop of anger and guilt sucked me under and spit me out for too many years.  Its hurricane-strength gale winds still hollow and whistle through my mind when children noise, daughter demands, and money stress press hard on me.

Armour of light.

He is light, in both spectrum to the eye and ease on my shoulders.

That which is already in front of me, those in this home living and being with me, will only focus clear, be magnified in beauty through the too-simple-to-be-true act of gratitude.

We ourselves blur softly to the back round…not dismissed…not forgotten…not even lessened in value…but properly and temporally transferred…for a time.

Both are present and beautiful.

I can be there for my children, my husband, my church, my friend, my community, myself, my books, my photography, my writing.

{just don't get use to a lot of sleep}

In the ever shifting roving lens, capturing and focusing on what should be honed in on, to reveal its BEST BEAUTY AT THE BEST TIME.

I hear the soft, but greatly needed, whisper of The Spirit direct me, moment by moment.

And the effect is beautiful.




2 thoughts on “the armour of light

  1. We humans seem to forget our blessings so quickly and then dwell on the hardships forever don’t we, and then feel guilty ‘cos we know we shouldn’t. Beautiful words and photos,I often have to read your posts a few times just to let the words soak into my heart.Camera smarts don’t mean much sometimes,it’s the subject composure that comes from a thoughtful mind that gets the captivating pics. Lovely self-portrait Leah, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.Have a lovely weekend!


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