Moody Fall



SCHOOL: started.

LEAVES: turning

FOOTBALL: underway


Autumn: The Season of Moods



Chili in the crock pot started before church:


{tomatoes from the garden

cocoa powder


extra lean ground beef

a heavy hand with the garlic, onions, and frank's red hot


corn bread and honey

makes for the first pot of chili on the first Sunday of football

a thing of beauty and just plain awesome)

We splurged on some Buffalo Wild Wings

and Sam  Adams Oktoberfest Beer

For an extra measure of gluttony!






Unexpected Hues:

Create a Mood of Feminine Grace In My Garden

Dusty Pink Mums & Seedem

Shiny Green Pumpkin Garden Bling

{target $2.50…i love you target!}

Deep Brown Centers & Sunny Yellow Petals

Of The Last Hardy

Black-Eyed Susans


It Puts Me In The Mood:

Searching My Closet For

Orange Tanks and Pink Billowy Shirts

Reaching Back Far In My Dresser Drawer

For Favorite Blue Jeans- Wrinkly & Comforting


Looking Forward To Many More Moods:

Starting Home-Made Banana Bread In Early Still Mornings To Take The Chill Out Of My Shadowy Kitchen

Picking Pounds and Pounds of Apples

Eating Pounds and Pounds of Home-made Apple Sauce

Searching Dozens of Pumpkin Patches To Find Those Elusive & Lovely  White Pumpkins For My Garden

Buying Grape Juice Directly From Local Vineyards To Make That Perfect Home-Made Wine (it's only a three week season)

Leaf Fights

Making Lumpy Scarecrows That Always Tend To Look A Little Bit Creepy 

Warmed Apple Cider

Spending Way Too Much Time In Front Of The Mirror Trying To Pull Off That "Casual Chic Look" With My Annual Knit Scarf Splurge

Trying Not To Think About How We Are Going To Afford Christmas This Year


Heres to Fall moods in all its lovely and/ or neurotic forms.



6 thoughts on “Moody Fall

  1. In spite of the hustle-bustle of this week – filling out forms, getting up early, struggling to find a routine – you’ve made me excited for fall once more. Thanks. Enjoy! =)


  2. Some lovely pics, here, Leah! I had a delightful early fall afternoon today making apple crisp while listening to football with my husband relaxing in the recliner – windows open with a sweet breeze wafting in – priceless. No photos of the event, though – only memories . . .


  3. Yum, sounds delish the more chilli the better.Your flowers are so pretty Leah.I’m not willing to part with the jeans just yet and will probably unleash my lily-white legs on the unsuspecting public all too soon.Christmas, isn’t that ages away?


  4. Leah!!! It was so good to hear from you 🙂 You can tell that school has started and things are getting back to “normal” although things never are normal around here ~ lol!! Love all of your Fall thoughts…we are so looking forward to it ~ we’ve been to several of my son’s football games, and I think tonight we’ll have “true” fall football weather…which I’m not sure if I like or not! Wishing you a wonderful weekend in that house full of precious girls 🙂


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