“twas the nite before school…”


And I am so done with days filled with images like this:

walking down the stairs into my living room after spending two hours cleaning rooms that I did not muss up and washing and drying and  folding and putting away clothes I did not soil – to this.

{"this" being my two little ones squeezing Dawn dish soap on the wood floor, stripping down Eve-naked and running and sliding across the floor. I told them to scrub up the crayon they got on the floor and coffee table…this is how they accommodated}.

I am also done with taking four daughters ages 10 to 3…anywhere.

Especially to the bank, to set up junior accounts for my big girls, who, after making $30 selling lemon-aid and then chocolate milk and donuts over the weekend, want to get their own account to start saving.  Thrilled and responsible-parent- encouraging overcame me, of course…but for some un-Godly reason, this takes 45 minutes in a small office!  That has, for added torture and fun in its tight quarters a seductively huge water cooler WITHOUT cups- for my 3 and 6 year old to constantly put their mouth under and unsuccessfully drink water from…which result in lots of…"oh honey don't do that" from the fake nice bank clerk…and hand squeezes and hushed clenched- mouthed  promises of woe upon my children from me, and of course tons of water on the carpet.

I won't even relate the story of getting school supplies THE NIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL  at target…and the subsequent spilled iced coffee all over the place at Starbucks afterwards…nope.  Not gonna bore ya.


What I will bore you with is a further explanation of why I stated last post {I think with caps and italics} why I hate doing craft projects with my children and will never attempt to do so again.

It all starts back in the optimistic month of June.

The Summer is young.

The grass in green.

The flowers are vibrant.

The girls being home from the hectic pace of school is a welcome change.

I enthusiastically shared a post at the end of June, just before our "screen free July" of a positively wonderful link relating "100 free things to do with your kids this Summer".

Oh, I had big plans.

Oh, it was gonna be a home-made, simple, cheap Summer made in Heaven.

I did ONE THING out of 1oo!

One…and it was a painful one.

A spitting mad and tense one.

A {and I am quoting myself here} :

"stupid stay at home mom craft blogs…

they only post this crap to make us REAL moms feel guilty…

those stupid pictures are probably pictures of adorable perfect kids they got off of google…

I hate this crap!




To be honest, our little fun home craft ended up being OK, and we were laughing at the end…after my blood pressure came down to normal and I made peace with food coloring everywhere.  I even had some good pics but I cannot find them now…just as well.

I have come to understand its all aboutStages.

There are many, many stages a mother goes through with her children.

For years when my daughters were in the pre-K stage, hands on artsy stuff was fun…{well kinda}.  They were excited when I was excited.  An old sock with marker eyes and glued on yard mouth was awesome!

To fifth and sixth graders, not so much.

Six years ago there was only half the amount of mess makers.

Here is the deal:

I kinda have two little female families.

The "Big Girls" and the "Little Ones".

Put them together with one Mama who is a little bit controlling {which means if I spend all afternoon getting the directions printed out…finding all the needed supplies…clearing a spot…repeating over and over again to my girls what the can do and what they cannot do…I want it to turn out a certain way…that's fair… right?}.

You are then left with a somewhat volatile cocktail of: messes, of pointing, of directing, of trying not to react, of questions, of yelling, of more messes, of things not doing or looking at all like they were SUPPOSED TO…which always leads me to kinda being in despair.

Thus, the ranting about stupid blogs and fake google images.

Thus, the guilt.

Thus, the cynicism.

So I don't do crafts.


I am however, there for my girls.

Every question.  From profound {why does God let bad people hurt little kids} to silly {if you HAD to go to a Justin Beiber concert or a One Direction concert which would it be?  No Mom- you have to pick  one of those…stop saying Match Box Twenty!}

I am there for the bleeding knees.

The hurt feelings.

The nervous milestones.

The silly after dinner banter.

And I tend to think that is enough.

That is what they need.

That is what I've got.

Until tomorrow- 8:30am till 3:00pm…then they can have at, at their teachers.

{But darn it don't I just know I am gonna miss those naked bodies flying across soaped up floors soon enough}



4 thoughts on ““twas the nite before school…”

  1. Wow. I can’t even imagine what I’d do… Sometimes, you just HAVE to laugh to keep from crying, right? Wow. Personally, after having children, I think we need to pay teachers just a little bit more. And recognize that we, as mothers, do SO VERY much – without having the guilt of not doing it ALL… Keep up the good work, Leah. =)


  2. Soon you’ll be wondering why the house is so quiet. Naked bodies sliding across the floor,lol,they are inventive kiddos. My middle boy would have done the same and egged his brothers in too.


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