simple minded

My grandmother used to say life was so much easier when you were simple minded.� It's taken me almost my whole life to understand what she meant.

������������������� ~story people

I want to claw and fight my way above the wreckage of a pile of debt, of disarrayed living rooms and bedrooms, of oily grime several dozen pan- fried dinners-deep on kitchen surfaces, of family members who make my heart palpitate in anxiety, of neighbors a stone's throw away who resent children, scratch that, who resent my children, of real estate trends, public school politics, evangelical church trends.

Sorry for the rambling post any of you visiting from SSS.
I decided to link up last second just to keep my faithful comment-ers in the loop…even though I broke rule #1 and did not link back…may the shadow shot gods forgive me…but those shadows are pretty sweet…right?


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