“Hey, hold my drink”







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studio water stone for i heart macro.

 I love my front porch.

I love a drink in my hand as I sit on my porch.

I love my front yard shade garden-butting up against our much walked upon street sidewalk.

I like to think that, in keeping with the English cottage garden tradition, my shady plot of plants, paths, painted rocks, and positioned statue provide a welcome respite from sterile sprayed grass and over-mulched meticulously landscaped shrubs.  The many passers-by who traverse the sidewalk in front of my yard and shade garden each and every day:

Dog Walkers.

Stroller Pushers.

Sweaty Joggers.

Yakking Teenagers. {ok, ok I know the teens don't care about my garden…but maybe unconsciously their mind is stimulated}.

I sit on my front porch swing.

I look lovingly on my gardens.

"Hmm…my Russian sage needs pruning"

"My hydrangea has buds"

"Those yellow primrose and pink sweet pea looks so pretty together against my white fence"


"my front shade garden needs weeding".

Because once upon a time, that garden was just the upper front part of our yard…and that upper front part of the yard was solid weeds…not grass.

So guess what?

My lovely shade garden is constantly birthing and spewing out stubborn weeds.

And so, in the early morning while the babes are sleeping deep in tangled hair in front of whirling fans and Mr. MS is off with coffee and a kiss I sit on the porch.

I pray.

I read God's word.

I walk among my garden in pajamas and shod in slippers with my cup of coffee in hand.


With the morning light on my shoulder I pull a weed here and there..and put my morning cup on my garden muse.

She holds my drink as I rip.



Late afternoon.

What will get cleaned today is cleaned…and every other corner of untidiness can wait till tomorrow.

Lunch is done and stacked away.

The quiet time of the day.

Pretending I don't have to muck up the kitchen if a few hours and feed six people.

I sit on my front porch swing.

I have a book on my lap.

Then, in cool shadows, the sun high, my garden cooled in full shade, I pull up a weed here and there. I put my home-made ice tea at the feet of my garden statue.

She holds my drink as I rip.



Meat is cooking.

Veggies are sauteing.

The sun is once again sinking down, down to the west.

Long slants of hot yellow stretch long on painted porch floors.

I sip dry red wine from a cheap plastic wine glass.

He pulls up, smiling big, another day of work done.

Dark yawning shadows fall on my face,  hot sun on my back.

I pull up a weed up here and there.

My aged angel holds my drink as I rip.




15 thoughts on ““Hey, hold my drink”

  1. I love your little garden story and the photos. It looks to be a lovely and peaceful place.
    I really like the tea glass, very colorful and pretty. I am not a coffee or wine drinker. Caffeine in the morning for me is a Dr. Pepper, but I do love some sweet tea!
    Happy Sunday.


  2. oh my gosh leah…that thought never even crossed my mind…i thought “you go girl” when i saw the wine glass and coffee cup!! keep those shots coming!!! love it!!! going out to have coffee on the deck now!!


  3. I need to work on my gardening skills. I keep saying that I want to garden more but I always seem to come up with excuses. After we move I will make a solid effort to garden. I think I will start with something small like a simple herb garden outside the back kitchen door… Have a Blessed week and try to stay cool!


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