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And he gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul

                                                ~Psalm 106:15

"What do you want for your birthday?"

Four times a year my daughters hear this repeatedly.  From grimacing parents, who know their first request will carry a price tage of what what we spend on Christmas total.

From grandparents, who love to indulge. 

From siblings who are full of self-serving suggestions.

Usually the conversation comes full circle and it is realized that with winter birthdays…they are already have everything they that want, within reason.

Why is happiness so elusive?

I can name off all the shiny things, all the pretty things, all the very comforting things, all the needful things like so many birthday candles on brightly frosted birthday cake.

But take your eyes from the hypnotizing flickers and it is a void that looms up close behind.


My people shall be satisfied with My Goodness.  For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul…for the wheat, and for the wine, and for oil…and their soul shall be as a watered garden.

                                ~Jeremiah 31:25 and 12

What is His wheat?

His wine?

His oil?

What does a watered garden looked like…really?

Abstract poetic metaphors aside.


With our Heavenly Father through His Son, and purposeful  renewed catching up with Him, like girlfriends meeting up at starbucks, though daily reading of His Word.

With those who are in our midst right now.

One of my favorite quotes by Ann Voskamp is,

"life is not an emergency".

Slowness reveals the abundance of our wheat, wine, & oil…right in our midst.

 I wrote down back in May in my journal:

"God seems to deprive us earthly wants to feed and fatten up our spiritual man.  If only I could be satisfied with His Spiritual manna, while being thankful and mindful of the earthly manna he faithfully provides every day"


3 thoughts on “Leaness

  1. I like that quote-Life is not an emergency.I’ll have to remember that when trying to get the kids out bed on these chilly winter mornings! Ah, the power of a consumer driven society.Get a bit angry with all bombardment and ban kids from technology sometimes,does them good.


  2. It is only His goodness that truly satisfies (without the leanness). You are right. Thank you for your affirming words at crumbs yesterday. It’s lovely to meet you here and get to know you a bit. (Love the book review sidebar!). May the Lord keep your garden well-watered in that busy life and full house. Grace to you in the Lord Jesus.


  3. You are sooo true! My girls have had a very bad case of the “gim-me’s” this summer. Every time they see something in the store or on tv it’s “I want that”. I’ve been trying very hard to get them to understand the idea of instead of “I want that” how about “I don’t need that”. It’s hard – sometimes it doesn’t work but we try. Hang in there- you seem to be doing a very good job! Have a Blessed week:)


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