Tennis date at the local park.

The big girl subbed in when the swearing in my head started to come out my mouth and I threw the racket. {every aggressive competitive ounce of DNA comes out of me after about 20 minutes around any activity out involving a ball}.

And in about 20 minutes she was serving better than me.

My  link up with Shadow Shot Sunday 2.







Pulling up a wheel barrow full of errant weeds


putting down a path of salvaged slate squares, long ago collected seashells and some smooth sea glass.


The Babe fitting her hand perfectly into the Big Girl's hand print of a gift given, that at the same time seems to be a lifetime ago

and yet…

wasn't it just last year?


my garden angel aging a delightful moss green with a jaunty little purple pincushion.

My linkup with studio waterstone with i heart macro.


Its a sunny, beautiful father's day weekend…lots of sunshine, good food and activities.

I would not be ME,if I did not cram too much stuff into one weekend.

So here's hoping you and I don't over indulge in too much running, too much activites this weekend.

So come Sunday evening we don't all feel like this…




9 thoughts on “Saturday-ing

  1. Oh man…….. there are a LOT of days I feel like “this” !!! Made me laugh… And I know it’s no comfort at all, but tennis to me seems like a lot of chasing balls (as does golf) ( as does any ball…). You’re better off behind the camera in my opinion.


  2. Awww, loved the memory stone. You must have the same kit we have. We made one for Rory when she passed away in ’04. It marks her grave on our back hill under a shady tree she liked to sit under. Wouldn’t a path through a garden interspersed with specail stepping stones every 4th or 5th one be adorable!


  3. oh leah…you made me laugh out loud. i am the same way with golf!!! your series of picture are lovely…the little hand on the stone is priceless. hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  4. I love your previous post about the God who sees me. But I couldn’t post this comment there, so I’m trying here.
    The focus is everything: myself, or Him.


  5. Your link at the SSS site is defective.
    I love that last shot. Thanks for your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday!
    Shadows in my Kitchen, please come and see.


  6. HA! How I wish the swings were high enough to just flop on them like that again!! Love the shadows…and the story 🙂 That is why I don’t even go when it’s time for a tennis date…the daughter just heads out for me ~ lol! Wishing you a wonderful week Leah!


  7. Your photography is getting really good:) We had a quiet Father’s Day as Daddy is in Europe for two weeks (lucky him!). Sometimes quiet is good though. Have a great week – hope it’s not to busy.


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