He Who Sees Me

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Today's topic suggestion is Our Citizenship is first in Heaven.

No divine words of inspiration hit me. I flipped through my last few  journal entries based on my Bible reading but nothing quite fit the bill.  I randomly flipped back and hit an entry I scribbled down on a cold, quiet Saturday morning in February this past year.

Here are some exerts.

I promise to be brief.

Don't freak out over the Hebrew, it is really not that deep.


I wrote:

"Beer-Lahai Roi"


Well of the Living One who sees me

"Isaac settled at Beer-Lahai-Roi"  ~ Genesis 25:11

Reading this verse sent me on an old Testament dig. Three times this well in mentioned.  It was the place where the angel of the Lord rescued the turned out, abandoned, near dying Haggar and Ishamael.  It marked the place where Isaac, while meditating and praying lifted his eyes and first looked upon Rebekah his intended and beloved. The third time it is where Isaac decided to settle, permanently.

Beer-Lahai Roi: the Living One who sees me.

This Hebrew phrase struck me that as Christians we often cry out:

"Lord I want to see you"

And does that not sound so noble and holy?

But by shifting ourselves out of the focal point of "Lord I want…" to "Lord you are…" is huge.

It is the difference between my own tendencies of: whining  demanding Christian, focused on seeking their own comforts and answers, and the content Christian who has learned to quietly trust (though plagued with questions and discomfort all the same).

It is the wandering muttering Israelites pining for Egypt compared to Paul sitting in a dark cold prison singing praise songs.


I recently picked up the book The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith.

Listen to what she has to say about writing your story well:

You are shifting yourself-your story- into a new position of importance, where you are no longer the center of the tale.  Understanding this essential shift is the difference between a good memoir and boring a reader's socks off.  Repeat to yourself:  I AM NOT THE STORY

(pgs 22-23).

How is it a secular author, exhorting a secular goal of being published for profit gets the truth of the gospel unawares? And we, who have sat in pews since a child, miss it?

To be a citizen of Heaven is to be indwelt with The Well, Jesus Christ. And so the shift-the I AM NOT THE STORY.


The well of the Living One who sees me.

He sees me…that is enough.

That is the only true form of humbleness God is seeking for.

By first and foremost acknowledging God first sees us, pursues us, and we gain Heaven, whom we are unfit in ourselves to inhabit, should make us all, like Isaac, want more than anything to settle at the well of The Lord.

But we don't.

I know I DON'T because there are too many rouge counterfeit wells out there.  To be a 21st- Century American (or Canadian or European) means to have so many comforts.  So many little luxorious heavens at our fingertips, before our eyes, tickling our ears.

Spurgeon wrote:

The fact that he (Isaac) enjoyed fellowship with the living God is what made him select the hallowed ground for his dwelling.  Let us learn to live in the presence of the living God and ask the Holy Spirit, this day and every day, that we may sense "God you see me". Happy is he who dwells at The Well. 

As a result he has a constant supply at hand.

~Mornings and Evenings Devotional February 17)


The old testament promise comes to full culmination with Jesus Christ.  Radically breaking away from the behavior and accepted rules of this world, He astonishes us with the truths of Heaven at another well, to another seeking, lost soul.

The samaritan women admitted "there was nothing to draw from..for the well is too deep"

Jesus patiently takes Earthly scales from her eyes and heart and explains that:

He Is The Living Water.  Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst…it shall be IN HIM and springing up to everlasting life.    ~John 4:14

Citizenship in heaven starts at the well.

To be an ambassador to our foreign homeland requires shedding our old self that considers the world our native land.

And that, my friends, is impossible without continual daily drinking from the deep wells of Jesus Christ through His Word, and His Spirit.

So dig deep.


Yes I just realized it is Thursday.


3 thoughts on “He Who Sees Me

  1. Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Wednesday, that post is great any day of the week! I often wonder how we can live in it and still be so blinded from reality.
    Striving with you to dig in deep and savor long the very Word of God. . .


  2. As a cradle Catholic (meaning not a convert but born a Catholic) I get more out of your writing then I do in church most Sundays! I think it’s because it’s like you said – it’s write before my eyes and I don’t see it. Thank you for the uplifting, thought provoking, and eye opening post:) I love it – have a Blessed week.


  3. Oh so true!
    We should praise Him for seeing us…and believe in our heart of hearts that because He loves us and sees us, that’s more than enough…
    yet I often doubt like Thomas and want to see for myself….ugh.
    Thank you for sharing this with me!


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