the boss man’s birthday



Here's my contribution to what has become my favorite photo link up sites:

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

When you are not into buying presents:

When you were NOT blessed with being born with at least one sentimental bone is your body:

When romantic over-nites are not in the ole' budget:

You answer the oft asked question of:

"so whatcha' doing for Tim's birthday?"

with one word:


We love food.

Good food.

And this entire weekend starting with last nite's dinner, is gonna be a smorgasbord of good eats.

I made Panzanella (an italian bread and tomato salad) with cut up turkey sausage.  I used the recipe from Ellie Krieger's book So Easy. the full step by step recipe is right here 

last night I added  to it: 

 *cut up peeled zucchinis, slivered carrots, fresh basil pan grilled in butter then threw the sausage in.

 *Also added spinach cuz I like leafy greens in my salad (and the kids won't touch tomatoes, just like every other child living in the Western hemisphere)

*Awesome with chilled white wine


I ran and got bagels at a favorite local bakery early this morning and grilled up the birthday boy's into an egg, cheese, n basil bagel sandwich.

We took ours to the front porch swing. Balancing mugs of steaming starbucks coffee and our bagels. The early morning shadows falling behind us and birds singing for us is my favorite part about Saturday.

The big girls are busy mixing, measuring, pouring and sampling his decadent birthday dessert-

involving but not limited to:

*cookie dough

*ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies

*fudge frosting

*peanut butter frosting

*drizzled carmel

*a sprinkling of Reese's cups


Tonight's big birthday meal is our favorite Surf n' Turf meal:


*crab legs

*sirloin steak

*with a side of twice baked potatoes



Sunday after church we are heading to one of our favorite places to drive- (its like the state of Vermont condensed into one town) Ithaca, NY.

We will again be eating good fattening stuff at one of Mr.MS's favorite eateries-

Moe's Mexican Restaurant (its like a subway with cilantro and salsa on a burrito) but tastes way better.

Then, come Monday, we will try to roll out of bed and go jogging to burn off all the birthday gluttony.

Here's to finding any excuse to pig out.



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