the ultimate question


I have asked myself on more than one occasion:

"How did my Mother raise five children, who grew into responsible adults, keep large a house amazing clean and organized (we lazy kids never helped) and stay in love with the same man all these years…

…and never drank wine?



But I think I know:

Yes, I often answer my own questions.

She loved the simple good life.

Loved God's Word.

She had a husband who came home every night, and he stayed in love with her too.

And every Thursday night she would put down us rowdy kids early and watch her favorite television show, The Waltons


And that was enough for her.

Happy Mother's Day.

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11 thoughts on “the ultimate question

  1. Hahaha “And never drank wine”!!! That did it for me! Alas, we live in times when nobody is happy with what they have… they always want MORE! Bigger, better- heck most of the time they don’t even stop a minute to enjoy where they have gotten too before moving on to the next “I want”. I think your mum had the quality missing in so many of our rushed and hurried lives today- gratitude. She did what she could with what she had and loved it all! The Waltons were one of my faves as well.
    Thanks for the lovely post!
    Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day and Pink Saturday as well!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!


  2. Hi Leah – lovely memories – and I share them, too. Remembering the Waltons fondly – and when it was over it was our bedtime.
    Sounds like you have a lot to belive God for, too regarding your home. May you know His perfection in time and provision!!


  3. Our mama’s sound a lot alike. My mom raised 5 kids, kept our home, cooked all our meals and loved the Walton’s too. Mom and Dad have been married 43 years and still hold hands ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Mother’s Day


  4. Leah~ Happy Mother’s Day! I love your post..(most especially the wine comment!)
    Such beautiful words of endearment..
    Have a wonderful day!


  5. Lovely post and perspective through pics, Leah.It’s cliche I know, but I truely believe God gave me a better husband than I deserved.Lucky you to have four siblings.


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