start of the weekend


For me the start of the weekend starts Friday morning when I cross the thresh hold of our door at about 8:10am; big girls secured away at school with their Friday faces of relief.

This weekend started with crisp saturated blue skies.  Cloudless. Cool.

Made my tazo green tea {after picking up the third round of breakfast}.

Casting a look outside I felt an: ice- tea- on -the -deck-with-a-book kinda vision loom in my mind for the afternoon.

Can't afford the organic all natural ice tea jugs they sell at the grocery store.

{we all drink it up}

So we invested in this TAKEYA ice tea maker:







Just boil some water in the pitcher.

Add any traditional tea bag you prefer {we like tazo honeybush} in the filter thing-y.

Screw the holder to top.

Screw top to pitcher.

Leave in fridge till the sunshine and afternoon deck start calling your name.


Speaking of Tea:

Have to share a pic of my kindergartner's Mother's Day Tea I went to this morning at her school.

Its my third one, and the school does a fantastic job.


Like the fancy pearl?

Here's to tea and sunshine to start off a weekend in May.



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