‘a wash in morning light





The single most common piece of advice I give frustrated/tired/mothers:


When they something to the effect of:

"But I am not a morning person…"

"I am really a night owl…"

I say:


Nothing restores like early morning light, a cup of coffee, and quiet hum of a sleeping household.


Mama got out of bed early this Sabbath morning to pray and then work on my 4th grade Sunday School lesson.

But bright morning light casting a slanted shadow on my glasses caught my eye, made me smile and I grabbed my camera…..

Linking up with shadow shot Sunday 2


8 thoughts on “‘a wash in morning light

  1. The only problem with getting up BEFORE your kids for years and years…when they are gone and you are an empty nester, you STILL get up BEFORE! Day after day, rain or shine, sleet or snow…I am up at 5. At 73 the habit cannot be broken. Loved the post. genie


  2. Love that last shot! Great advice. When my kids were growing up I always got up at least half an hour earlier than they did so I could have quiet time with God before I faced the hectic day.


  3. Very nice! I agree…those precious mornings in quiet are worth it….but a little more shut-eye in the morning is good as well! It’s a toss up 🙂
    Thanks so much for popping in Leah! If you do end up making an apron sometime, make sure you let us see it!!


  4. Have always believed those quiet moments before everyone rises are the best of the day, hubby and I like to sit in bed with a cuppa and talk.Loved the pics in the above post, well caught.


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