more quotes…more photos…unflattering self portraits…its a mood thing


Pesky Growth

I finally got to exactly where I wanted to be, she said, so why won't all these growth experiences go away & leave me alone?

~story people

Falling into place

deciding everything is falling into place perfectly as long as you don't get too picky about what you mean by place.  Or perfectly.

~story people


These quotes from Story people land into my email, one by one, each day.  On the rare occasions I check my email these days I always read my story people quotes, Its very enjoyable.  Like leafing though some forgotten snapped photos l choose which ones to save an copy/paste the good ones.

The last quote about Falling Into Place was todays.

Perfect timing. In that eerie/funny way.

Resurrecting my self-portrait photo group I joined a few months ago:in the picture

through urban musers blog.

Those who know me, know I am vain.

Took some major courage to click a picture of my not-so-young-anymore-face without make-up.

I did suck in my cheeks.



7 thoughts on “more quotes…more photos…unflattering self portraits…its a mood thing

  1. Gorgeous!
    Mesmerised by those icy blue eyes.
    Had never heard of Storypeople before this week and suddenly their quotes are popping up everywhere – what’s with that?


  2. I love your blue eyes. They are gorgeous and that precious look on your face …it is so sweet. It looks lie you are looking into another world and meditating on what you are seeing. genie


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