Our schizophrenic spring


I wonder?

Is it a bad omen or a good omen that the day we finally get our house on the market, the kids gets their first snow day?

I woke this morning to the sounds of Mr. MS clicking away at his iphone.

"Ok this is getting to be problem, babe" I croak half asleep.

"Well do you want the good news or the bad news first?" he asks, after my scolding.

"Good news"

"I have the day off of work…snow day"

"The bad news?"

"So do the girls"

{Mr.MS works for another school district}.

April 23rd, our first snow day.

The lilacs just came out.

This is what our 10 foot lilac bush looks like now.



Clots of icy snow, like dollops of  heavy cream line each branch in sparkly cool white.


My  favorite Spring tree is not supposed to be photographed from ground level.




Earlier this week…


The first red tulip of the year

My tulips now….




Linking up withMacro Monday this very photo-worthy day.

This bizarre Spring.

Unexpected and beautiful.

But harsh.

Don't know if my lilacs and peonies will make it.

But much more importantly : how all the local fruit farmers and vineyard owners will fare.

Here in upstate New York we are blessed with diverse topography and soil, producing our world famous finger lakes wine, and a wide range of fruit.

But its success is based on how our schizophrenic Spring behaves.

So here is to tardy snow days.

And a hope that the icy clots will soon melt and we can get back to Spring.


5 thoughts on “Our schizophrenic spring

  1. I’m sorry, this weather is totally my fault since I decided to finally put all of our winter coats and boots away just last week! We have rainy 40’s here this week. What the what. I suppose it’s still better than the blizzard that I predicted for May.


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