k.i.s.s. {keep it simple stupid}


I starting blogging because of my love for writing.

I stumbled upon photography because I soon learned no one real cares about all my blathering!

But to take an image, perfectly captured, and relate with my keypad what is so significant, beautiful, or humorous about what I saw and captured give words wings.

It was with that in my mind that I developed my little "many slices".

If I cannot give a three-point dissertation about the image or event I captured with my camera; I don't share it.

To quote my ever winsome and truthful husband {aka Mr.MS}:

"maybe you should just relax and enjoy a little babe"

In other words I can simply posts some pictures I am proud of without trying to win the Pulitzer.

Here are some macro shots I captured a month or so ago that simply are pretty and soothing.

buttery morning sun

cozy flannel

pretty ticking

in an inviting wrinkly cocoon.

And that is all. This is my first link up with macro monday hosted by the blog lisa's chaos. My other Macro was on Sunday and was just too hard to make time for.






Here's to letting photographs speak for themselves {at least sometimes}.


6 thoughts on “k.i.s.s. {keep it simple stupid}

  1. Beautiful captures, lovely light and I even saw the edge of a quilt. I approached blogging more to share my life through photos with a few words if needed. However, like you, I find photos and words work so well hand in hand, one giving fuller expression and context to the other.


  2. Gorgeous! You’ve captured the light well on each of them. They speak of morning and softness and quiet. At least in my head – I know that’s not likely with a house full of people đŸ˜‰


  3. Oh Leah! I am touched that the Lord would use my little post to speak to your heart. I pray you know His peace as you step into such a difficult situation. How stressed you must be. I have just recently been through a dark tunnel, myself. But, I was not alone – the Lord held me – “If the Lord takes you to it – He will take you through it!” Never wavier in speaking the truth. God will take it from there.
    And, might I say, the sun shines just like in your beautiful photos – on the other side of the tunnel. How you will know God and yourself in a greater way! How He will shine through you as you stand, steadfast in His Grace!
    Our Wednesday teaching tonight was on this subject. Here are the scriptures: 2 Cor. 1:1-11; John 14:25; Phil 4:6-8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5
    Fear not – God is with you . . .


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