happiness is…{photo sharing of good stuff}


seeing the babe place a bright orange atop of a moist black mound of mulch and saying, "yeah, I need a picture of that"…

pretending that we don't live in an over-populated fish bowl of a suburb, and having a picnic in the front yard anyway…

scaling a mountain of mulch because "it was there".   Feet blackened, heart full, sun warm, and a laugh bubbling from you from a place called: JOY…



running full tilt, a happy reunion, because you have not seen each other in 7 hours, on the sidewalk: a joyful after-school reunion. I hope those sisters always hug after a separation…




Empty Easter Eggs On A Sunlit Rug: colorful promises of treasures to come…





I love this grainy picture…i know these are usually the pictures that end up in the "delete pile" but I liked the soft feel of this shot as the babe is intent on putting the two plastic eggs pieces together…




the sensation of an icy cold blast from the garden hose, followed by the warm wrap of a sun-warmed worn quilt…Spring at its finest


Photography has been so pivotal in my life.

That capturing of a frame…a moment in time…has been the connecting piece of my life.  The connecting piece of savoring each moment.  Each moment that is a gift.  Each moment that h0lds, like a prism, hundreds of shafts of light, if only you take the time to pause…hold it up…and see.

You don't need an expensive camera…you don't need a blog…or the gift to pour out all that your heart contains or your brain ponders.  You just need to  s  l  o  w    d  o  w  n…and say "wow"  and "thank you"…and take note.

Here's to happy, teachable moments




2 thoughts on “happiness is…{photo sharing of good stuff}

  1. I love the grainy pic best,followed by the happy reunion.Yesterday I was grumpy with my hubby because I am sick of ignoring our house to get the Reno cottage finished.Sometimes it’s tough going esp. if you do all the work.I keep reminding myself that there are plenty of people out there happy with less than what I’ve been blessed with.Just plod along and enjoy every last minute in your first home.Visit Feather and Nest blog, she’s feeling a little frustrated on the home front at the moment.


  2. beautiful, Leah. love the pic of the girls hugging–priceless. your family–jewels, and a picnic on the front lawn? very necessary. thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your oh-so-kind words there. you have blessed me. blessings, friend!


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