Season of Light

This was been nothing short of a spectacular month.

Souring, bizarre temperatures and sun, sun, sun.

The wonder and dazzle of it is almost over whelming. 

Look at the spectrum of light and shadow in these shots:




The creeping early light is amazing.  Its yawning first glow catches the sleepy  morning eye.  Its mellow haze to the East pulls you in.  The soft illumination stills you, opens you up.

Revelation from God is the same way.

Whether it is hounding Scripture that beats in your head, or a random book of faith that so grabs you,  you feel someone has written an expose on your own story, rather than a memoir about themselves.Truth, God's truth, gently stirs, pulls you in, illuminates, and then calls you by name.

Real truth never tires the mind, or wears thin.

It's a bit like taking pictures of my garden statue. It seems to never wear dull or repetitive.  I look around in my flip flops and pajamas, camera in hand, looking through my lens to find something new to dazzle me…surely not that same old statue again.  Sure its pretty, but I have had it forever…how many pictures can you take Leah…try branching out…be more open…there are plenty of other lovely things to excite the eye.





All the self talk does no good.

I keep coming back to that stone statue; straight and sure presiding over my garden.

God's word is like that.

We tell ourselves, yes it is all rather lovely, but surely you have moved on at least a little.

It is the 21st century.  There are so many other ways of thinking.  Lots of good ideas, nice pleasant endeavours and so many things that just make better sense.

Our hearts become that roving camera lens…trying to spot something sparkly and new, something different.  Different is good right?  And so it is. Now if  I only posted pics of my garden statue I think my minute number of follows would slowly shrivel to only my polite mother in law!

But what ever the season she is always my anchor…my sure source when I step out into that garden. I can't keep away.




We all have stories to tell.  Disappointments, pain, for some even sexual abuse, that cause our eye to rove.

In my own past seasons of despair I came face to face with desperate thoughts of giving up on this whole Christianity thing…this whole Jesus.  WWJD? (what would Jesus do?) seemed hollow. A misguided simplified belief system at best, a cruel lie at the worse.

But the truth won't keep away.

The sun always rises in the East.

The Spirit of God always whispers to the heart.

Its the Season of Lent.  Been reading the events of Christ leading up to His death, and what transpired afterwards. Its a familiar, familiar story, but it teaches me every year.

"The road to Emmaus" is a favorite; found at the end of the Book of Luke.

.Its the dark aftermath, bloody and horrible and devastating.  The straggle of those who were wierd enough to keep follow "the mad man" Jesus of Galilee where pretty petrified.  Two are walking down this road to Emmaus.  The resurrected Jesus comes up along side them.  He talks with them as if he is visitor from out of town and wants to know what is going on in Jerusalem at large, with themselves in particular.  So they tell their story.  All the drama that has unfolded.  All the unanswered questions restless inside of them.

Jesus does not reveal Himself, showing them up, as it were.  Does not tell make mention of their blindness or ineptitude. Instead, He shares the Scriptures.  The truth established long ago.  It is all there, for those who have the eyes to see.  He disappears, and it only In His Leaving that it clicks.  He was there all along. 

"were not our hearts burning as He spoke?" they reflected on later.

I have found that it is only in the disappointments, the feeling of being alone and let down do we realize the great worth to be found in the great things of this life.

It is true in marriage, in having children, and it is true with our faith in God, and believing His Son really is His Son.

You don't understand real love in marriage till you are hit with the panic of "Oh crap who did I marry?" and decide to love them more than yourself anyway.

You don't really experience the wonder of mother-child bond till you admit:

"this is not what I signed up for…I thought it would be so different" and you deliberately make time for them, be patient with their demands anyway.

To really walk with Christ, to really find that peace and joy and good stuff that those Sunday School teachers were always clamoring about…you will have to acknowledge that Jesus is disappointing.

He disappoints because we jumped into this boat called religion with all the wrong motives.

Just like when we said "Yes!", slipped on that sparkly rock,  immediately picked up an issue of Modern Bride and started daydream about white billow tulle and matching dishes.  Just like when we peed on that stick, it turned blue, and we started stalking the aisles of Baby Gap, hoping we would not get too fat.

Its all wrapped up in us.

Seasoned women shake there head at the newly engaged and the first time pregnant moms.

"they don't know whats coming" slithers though our mind as we smile big and nod happy.

We don't spoil it for them…usless we really are miserable old sods.

So it is when we say:  Yes to this God thing.  This Jesus thing.

We don't know what is coming.  But it is the best thing that can happen.  It still is the Truth and the Light.

So pick up His Word, the Bible.

Examine it with yes, an intelligent mind, and open heart.

And be prepared for joy, that always follows The Truth.


{its getting down the crunch time on our house and do not know when I will return.  I will try to check in on all of you, my kindred spirit co-blogging friends}


4 thoughts on “Season of Light

  1. Oh Leah, I must have needed this today, because I have tears in my eyes. I am going to share this on my timeline, 🙂 And, my favorite shot of all is the beautiful winter statue!!!!


  2. Hey Leah! What a precious picture at the end! Love your statue pictures…we’d never tire of those! Yesterday I was out taking trash to the burn barrel and saw the heavens with streams of sunlight falling down upon the earth, and thought HOW could anyone not believe in a God that created the world….this would be proof enough! Beauty in nature ~ speaks to us!! By the way, best of luck with the house ~ come visit again when you can 🙂


  3. It’s a rather emotional time heading towards Easter,isn’t it? Leah your photos are as poetic and thoughtful as your words are.I would photograph that beautiful statue all the time,so serene. I love that saying-Faith is not knowing what the future holds,but knowing who holds the future.


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