tea for two


St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in America.  There are a lot of Irish Catholics in our area, and so you see lots of people and homes decked out in green shamrocks as we approach the middle of March.

Our family however is not.  Nor are we Catholic.

So, we have never made a big deal out of St. Patty's day.  This year however, we have been trying to plan a dinner/wine flight party with my sister and brother in laws for quite a while and it just so happened  that we could all get together on, yep, you guessed it – St. Patty's Day.

I succumbed to pressure and bought some atrocious- made- in -China -St.- Patty's-decorations and funny hats for  this evening.

So maybe this is the reason that I feel like indulging in the "I'm gonna pretend I am Irish" spirit that possesses so many Americans every year.

I think I read that Saint Patrick's day is celebrated much more in America than it is Ireland itself. Probably because here in the U.S. the celebration revolves around buying gaudy decorations, getting drunk in pubs, and sporting t-shirts and/or pins that say "kiss me I'm Irish. More than likely in Ireland its about going to Mass, and then having a wee nip later.  Just speculating.

I think I also read that per capita more tea is consumed in Ireland than in any other country in the world.

Which is an extremely long-winded round about way to get to today's blog topic:

Drinking tea in the morning with The Babe.


It has become a bit of a late morning ritual, a hour or so after the mad flurry of getting the three big girls out the door to school, for me and the little one to make some tea and drink it together.

I always have my porcelain green mug.

(if you ever just want to indulge in some nice porcelain mugs and not get set back like 20 bucks go to TJMaxx, they have the best selection…I now refuse to drink out of anything but porcelain…snobby, I know).

She always has her "fancy, fancy" pink mug.

A plenteous drizzle of raw organic honey is a must.

As is a pair of vintage floral cloth napkins.

Usually toast spread with some home made peach jelly and yogurt accompany our tete-a-tete.

It was a few days ago that I took these shots.  Sipping slowly, munching thoughtfully, I gazed at the long morning slats of light on our tea cups and just felt so happy.  So content.  So filled up with pretty, nurturing, good things. Shared with my little girl, who is every day  getting less and less little. One day soon I know she will fly away to the land of "big girl" and I will wave at her till all that is left is the speck of her bright crisp new backpack, bouncing up and down as she marches out to conquer Kindergarten.

I love my coffee…its my early a.m.  I-V, trust me.  And nothing pairs with chocolaty decadent dessert like a strong cup of it.

However, there is something about tea; it makes you savor, makes you slow down.

Talk to any woman who is younger than 70 years old and I bet if you shoot a couple direct questions at her, questions that force her to answer honestly, not what she is expected to say, and you will hear that she wishes she could slow down the pace of her life.  Wishes she could enjoy more…wishes she had a clue on how to even start.

I don't think drinking green tea with organic honey in discount porcelain mugs will solve all these problems…but it may not be a bad start.


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Here's to pretending I am Irish…for a day.


16 thoughts on “tea for two

  1. As a Catholic, I am trying to do my best to honour St. Paddy. Today is my dad’s 7th death anniversary, so I am celebrating their day today.
    Happy SSS,


  2. Now THATs my kinda blog post!!! Tea is my potion, my salve, my energy, my calming, … my everything. mmmmm…….. I’m up early mornings, too, head first of all to the stove for hot water. A Must-have for the day! Here’s to tea mornings!


  3. I’m not Catholic, but I have enough Irish heritage that I love celebrating the day.
    I enjoyed your teatime shadows. I do have tea in the mornings on weekends, but my daily afternoon teatime is a ritual I love. It’s my favoreite time of day!


  4. I simply enjoy the entertaining distraction of all that is St Patrick’s Day. I love the strange bling and the green fantasies! Your cup is really beautiful! A delightful design! especially love the last photo with shadow on the table laden with time’s character!


  5. Our celebration was going over to a friend’s house for corned beef and cabbage. I am so full right now I cannot go to sleep. Am commenting on blogs til all the food shifts a bit. I am a hard core tea drinker, and I drink it with a dab of milk in it and English sugar. I will take tea any day to coffee. Hope you all had a nice time. We surely did. genie


  6. What a delightful discourse on the charms of TEA and the wonders of having a cup with a child.
    That’s our usual mid-afternoon thing here, for I keep company with a 4 1/2 year old three days a week. Your lines about the receding from view as she goes off into the world were so touching AND encouraging. I’m just praying to be able to look after her til perhaps THIRD grade. That’s a reasonable hope, and we just do all we can to make ALL the days fun and interesting.
    Thank you for this—it’s been a lovely read, and I look forward to more.


  7. Man, I just love the way you write… it pulls me right in, as if I’m there with you… just as your AMAZING photography does. Truly beautiful. All of it. This reminded me that I used to start my days like that, with a favorite gorgeous mug filled with tea, sitting at our table, staring out the window as I wrote my morning pages in my journal. Such a perfect, calming way to start the day. It all changed years ago, but now this makes me long to get it started again..but I’m not sure how my lil 3 year old boy would be with it. He’d get bored in a bout 1 1/2 minutes and ask me to play trains with him, lol. Maybe I’ll give it a go anyway. Thanks for the inspiration and for pulling me into your perfect morning ritual 🙂
    I also wanted to thank you for your last couple of comments. You always leave the best darn comments and always manage to make me laugh, or smile, or just feel good in one way or another. I think I need to keep you around 🙂 Thank you!!!
    With gratitude and admiration,


  8. Hi again! Yes, I’m TRYing to start using more and more of my stash that I’ve put aside “to use later”. I threatened myself to “use it or lose” it because I was getting overwhelmed by my stash. Sometimes this works for me, other times not so much… but baby steps 😉 I love your idea of buying my son a train mug! I think he’d love it and it just might work. I’ll start searching for one. Thanks again for your inspiration, again! And I’m glad I made you laugh…hee hee!!


  9. I was born on St. Paddy’s day, so it’s kind of hard to avoid celebrating *some*thing that day… 😉 And there is always time for a nice cuppa tea in my house. Always. =)


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