the blog woman returneth

    Man O' alive it feels good to be back to manyslices again.

A Dell, who if it could speak, would probably yelp out: "oh just pull the plug already" is slowly giving up the ghost,

A house where most rooms, make that absolutely every room, needs to be "touched up" or re-done by the first week of April-ish, so we can put it up for sale,

and an indulgent trip to Havre de Grace, MD, by my little ole' self,

makes for  nary a wee minute for blogging.

But here I am:

Mr MS is outside in 70 degree weather with the girls, making them scream their lungs out on the backyard swings, dinner is picked up, and the mounds of laundry on our bed…yeah gonna be ignored.

First things first…

Havre de Grace, Maryland.

I picked this town because it has a historical downtown right on a bay, and was 25 miles from my digital photo workshop.  Also, the B&B I stayed at was having a "Spring Fling"sale that had amazing rooms at a very affordable rate.

My one night stay, turned into two nights.

The owners at  Vandivers B&B  very graciously gave me the only other room available, a three room suite, at the sale priced standard room rate for two nights.

I did good.

What I learned from driving 4.5 hours south, and staying two nights by myself in a town where I knew not a single soul:

*I really, really missed my Mr. MS.  We usually take a marriage time out about every six months to a B&B.  Checking in by myself was wierd.  I was very much looking forward, and did enjoy some quiet Me time…but found myself texting and calling home much more than I usually do.

* I am the smartest person alive, for thinking up the idea of getting a book on CD at our library the day before leaving.  Made that long, long PA turnpike stint go by unbelievably quick…plus I liked the fact that that I looked liked a real loon laughing like a mad woman in the car by myself, to the passerby drivers, as I listened to Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down…hilarious and brilliant…if you can get past all the profanity…and I mean lots ( we are talking "Mo Foes", like left and right).  He wrote the book About A Boy several years ago, that was turned into a British film with Hugh Grant…one of my favorites.

*Two and a half days by ones self,  to do whatever ones self  wants to do, is an indulgent and complicated emotion.

How I decided to feed that indulgent/complicated emotion:




Unprecedented time to read, drink in, reflect.

Radical: taking the American Dream Back From the Christian Church by David Platt.

An amazing book.  It is an unexplainable wonder to read in black in white clarity those thoughts and misgiving,  the "can't quite put my finger on" scratchings in my mind of what is lacking, what leaves a bad taste in the mouth, about the 21st century American evangelical church.

Read it if you can handle being uncomfortable, challenged, and inspired in the same breath, same paragraph.

The bay:

A beautiful marsh coast and shore of glistening blue-gray caps, edged with a long stretch of a wooden slated promenade.

I enjoyed un-rushed hours of cold winds, warm sunshine rays from clear blue skies, against just pre-budding tree limbs.

A little upper story porch was mine for the enjoying:

The early morning light shone brightly on tree branches spilling onto my sunny porch.




It's always an interesting moment to exchange a nod a quick hello from a passing pedestrian in a parka and boots, when I am in a skirt and barefoot.


The weathered worn deck that snaked around the bay was so warm, like a heated rough stone under my feet. Cool breezes pulled at my loose hair, and the open waters met my eye.


Pretty corners and colorful alleyways popped up along the historical downtown, like this:



I did not get any pics of my elegant Victorian Bed and Breakfast.

Still not confidant enough to click away in a roomful of strangers.

Which is a real shame.

After my class, meeting my fellow blog friend Emily,  staying up late reading, and drinking complimentary red wine, I set out early after breakfast the next day to head back home.

They threw me a party.

Complete with presents, a pink plastic tablecloth, the good china, and a half eaten cake.

They of course being my girls.

The house was clean.

I have trim around my downstairs windows.

A most wonderful welcome home.

Today I finished putting my sewing room back together.

I am very, very  happy with the results.

This is what it used to look like:

 cluttered…with dark victorian wallpaper



White papered walls with a painted red accent wall. Less crafty stuff….more just of what I love on shelves and table…make for a cleaner, open studio.  A room I want to be in.  A room that says…"yeah this would make a good little room for us"

(that is our new obsession:  will that un-known someone(s) like this?…not exactly an ideal mindset to have my eyes set on all hours of the day…but that is where we are).

Here is to returns and newly painted rooms.



3 thoughts on “the blog woman returneth

  1. It sounds totally wonderful (the trip, I mean). But you should know you were missed by every one from the MR. MS down to the littlest cherub! They couldn’t wait for you to come home. And maybe that’s one of the best things — to learn how much you ARE missed when you’re not around. I was waiting patiently for this blog. Ahh, feet up staring at water…….. oh mannnnnnn….


  2. I am so glad you had a good time. It is good to miss the family while having a little time to make ourselves feel whole and strong again. And there is just something about being by the water that makes me very, very happy and content. Your sewing room looks amazing, I LOVE before and afters!


  3. Glad you had some time off,been wondering how you were going.The everyday gets a bit mundane sometimes,plus the family needs reminding how much we do for them lol. Pretty pics.Love the fresh space for sewing in Leah,hard to know what those prospective buyers might be wanting isn’t it?


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