More lazy girl stuff




Joining the group started by blogger urban muser   and {in the picture} flickr group today.

My" slice of me" category.

I got this plain pink hat for a buck at target.

I need some more hats.

This one was really plain.

I decided to take the time for some more lazy girl creations as  posted yesterday.

Getting this picture nailed was ruddy difficult though! (Sorry, I have been watching a lot of British TV comedies lately…The IT Crowd in particular).

But this group is stretching me as a photographer.  After about thirty shots, trying to capture this little sign  AND  my sewn-on  embellishments and fabric trim on my hat was quite the trick.

Decided that by using my mirrored reflection to capture myself in the hat, and placing my little sign, {made out of a selvaged Wegmans bakery bag} in the front, making that the focal point, turned out the best.

I have another hat I embellished.

But not the time to photograph it.

And really, a picture of myself in a hat is not all that thrilling to warrant TWO photo shoots.



2 thoughts on “More lazy girl stuff

  1. gosh there is nothing like a good photography prompt and group that can make you stretch right? So awesome that you are doing it!!
    And your last post with all your creations…not sure why you call it lazy girl, doesn’t look one bit lazy with all that you are doing!!
    I want your energy!!


  2. Haha! Lazy girl creations… sounds right up my alley! I’ve been wanting to join in with the self-portraits, but just haven’t made the time for it. Too much on my plate! I’m loving seeing yours though.
    Thanks for your kindness on my blog! I’ll let you in on a secret though… I didn’t decorate our house for Valentine’s Day either… who has time for that? lol! I still had all of my heart stuff out from making my Valentine art pieces for the show, so I decided to stage them just for the photo shoot!! shh… don’t tell 😉 haha! Enjoy your weekend!


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