Lazy Girl Creative


The little birdie asks:

"What do Charles Spurgeon, Queen Elizabeth, bleach stains, and red birdie fabric have in common?"

Well nothing.

Unless you were me yesterday, and got a sudden surge of energy despite feeling sick all  week,  and needed to get several little projects done that have been stacked for half a year on on my old ironing board: my  teetering"future project pile" .

My Slice of Spurgeon:



I love this quote and have had it lamely scribbled out on a piece of patterned paper, for close to a year. 

Some gesso, red ink stamp, blue marker, blue paint and glued down paper flowers, and about 10 minutes transformed it to a pretty little paper plaque perched on my favorite blue barn star.


My slice of Queen Elizabeth:



Money in the UK and Europe is so much more prettier.

Mr.MS picked up these 10 and 20 pence pieces at a coin show a while back (and yes, I did make fun of him mercilessly for like three days for actually going to such an old man event as a coin show).  He picked up these pieces, thinking I would like them, and could use them for my "crafting"…so sweet… and yet I still make fun of him…we have a complicated relationship.

I originally thought I could make them into a sort of pendant for a necklace.  But nay…too much work.

Hot glue gun applied to old clip-on earrings, with the gaudy original decoration ripped off, is more up my lazy girl creative alley.


My slice of bleach mishap:

Tell me:  Why is it some cheap-o sweatshirt you pick up for like a quarter at a sale to just "bum around the house in" stays in mint shape, but a new nice sweater
instantly gets some permanent stain?  Mine tend to be in the form of splattered bleach.  (i am a real zealot about using bleach in the kitchen after we cook with raw meat…I think it stems from the fact that while waiting in the Dr's office while pregnant for my first born I read an article about a little girl dying from eating meat with ecol-i…things that upset you during your pregnancy stay with you).

Wow, way off topic.

Anyway, this mishap was acquired this summer.  I never got a chance to wear it in public.

It's been sitting…you guessed it: in a pile in my sewing room…another future project.

Come on, if you squint, and
think of a rose…you totally think that  it is a rose.

This is what's  currently attached to my lovely unworn sweater; slyly disguising a bleach splatter.

I did take a picture…actually like 12, of my wearing the sweater, with affixed rose-ish decoration.  But to get the picture I had to stand on the stool in our bathroom and take a picture of my mirrored reflection.  The blasted mirror is so gross and splattered with something, that even after scrubbing it with glass cleaner it was all murky, making my sweater look stained everywhere.  Anyway, I could not get a shot without our lovely toilet looming in the back round.

So use you imagination.

It looks better than a bleach blob.


And finally my slice of red birdie fabric:



I love this bird fabric…bought a yard and half not knowing what I would do with it…and at nearly 10 bucks a yard (the going rate for good quilting fabric these days) people who know me and my cheapness know that that is more money than I usually shell out for a "some day project".

These little birds, perched on  light floral circles is the perfect fabric pattern for little and quick pretty home sewing projects.

Lazy girl creative showcase number#2~


I picked up a single very "shabby chic" looking pillow case at an estate sale…probably for a nickle. 

Realized after I washed it and tried to put it away in our linen closet, that consists of an old dresser in our upstairs hallway, since we have hardly any closets, that…."hmm I have like 10 more pillow cases than we have pillows and can barely close the pillow case drawer".

It looked like it would make a good curtain.  So, into the obligatory sewing room "for a  future project" pile it went.

Did you know that if you rip the one long seam, and one short seam of a pillow case you have a perfectly- sized short window curtain panel?  Already hemmed, with a pretty edge, and a contrast fabric no less.

I sewed my little birdies (as shown above) right onto my pillow- case- turned- curtain.  Like I said, the design on the fabric has each bird image centered on a perfect circle.  No need to even trace a circle with a template.

And raw edges…yep…I just keep 'em.

I did fancy applique on a quilt exactly once…it took so dang long and I kept burning my fingers with all the blasted ironing… I said: (through gritted, cursing teeth) never again.

Lazy girl creative.

Its the way to go.





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