Predictable February

It's always the same every year.

I have a great birthday on the 7th.  Spoiled with kindness, good food, and great conversations.

And then…this shortest month on the calendar, turns into the longest month to get through.  Hibernation sets in, as sniffles, coughs, aches, and icy weather covers us in its predictable blanket.

Motivation has hit a bottom low.

Piles of laundry, and soup and sandwiches three nights in row sets the pace.

I watched movies in the middle of the day.  The babe looked at me shocked:

"whatcha'  doing Mom?  Doin' yoga?" {the only time she sees me fire up the television for myself}.

I watched an old time forgotten favorite:Paper Moon .    A great classic.  Hilarious and touching. If you like Paul Newman movies (though he is not in this one), you would love this one. Its on netflix, and highly recommended.

I did get the chance to take some pictures, and captured some surprisingly vivid and images.  Eye candy to perk me up.  Hope it does the same for you.

Snow flakes on my snowflake




This week's edition of I heart Macro at:   studio waterstone blog.

My eye caught this too.  I love my pink back fence.  Have I ever mentioned this before?  Even on bitter days.  With a hideous muddy, toy strew backyard my little cheeky pink fence sits like a delicate "rose among thorns" in the untidy stretch of our backyard.

This week's contribution to  Pink Saturday & Sunday Shadow Shot 2 at:

how sweet the sound & shadow shot sunday 2.




Here's to old movies at 1 O'clock in the afternoon and of course, looking with your lens.



15 thoughts on “Predictable February

  1. Here’s to pink fences. And though Feb this year has one extra day, maybe the Joy list should include the fact that it’s the shortest month. hugs for you from someone who has been known to watch an old movie in the afternoon herself… just sayin’


  2. Leah .. the pink fence is fabulous !
    I have a thing for pink as well .. and old movies ? absolutely !! I love the old black and white .. Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn .. but also ones like Breakfast at Tiffany’s .. there is something comforting about them .. I don’t know why, but it is definitely a comfort especially during these cold dreary winter days.
    BTW .. HAPPY Birthday girl ! : )
    PS Husband’s birthday is on the 14th .. yes .. Valentine’s baby .. haha


  3. Hi Leah! Wow! So many creative things happening here – love it all! Your journaling is super – I, too, collect beautiful journal books – and I even write in some of them. Some I just like to keep pristine and pretty for display – or to give away to young people with an encouraging note on Christ-centered inspiration.
    Are you home schooling your sweet decade’s worth of baby feet? I’ve got a new “slice of the pie” happening in my world this year as I launch Constellation Academy Home School Resources Network with six other dynamic women – we all church together at a Calvary Chapel and, though my kids are grown and successful now – my background in Christian Principle Approach Ed. and home schooling is a good fit for all these thirty-somethings and their kiddos!
    Check out our excting news at
    Thanks so much, too, for encouraging my husband as he steps out in Blogland at The Sheep’s Pen. I’m still administrating his blog – but it’s all his writing. Eventually he’ll be able to find his way around blogger and design. So blessed you were blessed!
    Joy to you!
    Kathy @ The Writer’s Reverie


  4. Oh – and BTW – just read your profile – Ed at The Sheep’s Pen – that corporate bookstore place he works? You got it – Barnes & Noble at Rowan University – we’re in South Jersey!


  5. A Pink Fence, that is Awesome. The angle and shadows on the fence shots is super. I also like the snow flakes on the snowflake. Great post! Hang in there through the remainder of the month, even though it is a day longer than usual this year. Spring will be here soon!!


  6. A pink fence!!! Love the idea. And you and I had birthdays this past week —mine is the ninth.
    Loved all your macro images.
    MY MACRO LINK Drop by and see if you can find something seasonal hidden in the images. Just for fun.


  7. Beautiful photos to see for me to get inspired as mine is low too. Your pink fence gives me a smile as it is so unique.
    Thanks for visiting, and I think you’re doing a better job on TypePad than I am on WordPress.


  8. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! And I’m sorry that I neglected earlier to wish you a happy belated birthday!
    I agree, this world is getting smaller and smaller, and I personally am very much in favor of it that way. Here’s hoping that it leads to world peace 🙂


  9. Happy belated Birthday to you! I hope you get your motivation back soon, although I think it’s good that it happens sometimes so we allow ourselves watch a classic movie (I’ve never seen it, but just added it to my netflix que) in the middle of the day, or something similar to that… to rest and recharge. Soon enough the sun will be out and you’ll be going non-stop so enjoy a bit of hibernation while you can 🙂 Your photos are all stunning! You’ve got a great eye, and I LOVE the fact that you have a pink fence!! Fantastic!!


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