shopping malls & sunshine & sugar & strolling (yep, that was all the “S” words I could cram in)




Hey, want to feel really old and out of style?

Then drive yourself to the nearest shopping mall with a van load of tweeners.

That's what I did last night, as part of my daughter's weekend long birthday extravaganza (and I thought all those pre-school themed birthday parties were bad!).

On average I was the oldest person within my direct line of vision as we shuffled to each store by…oh I'd say… eleven years.  However, a bright and surprising note that my tired brain observed was the latest fashion trend of flouncy, draping, short knit sweaters.

This is a trend my thirty-two-year-old-mother-of-four-doesn't-want-to-look-like-I-am-desperately-trying-to-look-young self, can get behind.

Flattering, soft knitted, and stylish must be worn with a tank or cami.  I don't fell like a complete "Mom" wearing my trendy little knit from Charlotte Rouse.

My I heart macro shot at studio water stone blog

I typed a short memoir about my daughter turning ten this week, I know, but I had to add this birthday cake picture because you can never have enough cake.





My I heart cake shot at….well… here!

On top of this celebartory birthday we were all put in a lively and festive mood by some more souring temperatures and buckets of sunshine from blue saturated skies. It was so invigorating I actually vacuumed and dusted and almost cleaned the windows too…almost



While in my two month premature Spring cleaning mood my eyes lit up when I spotted this glowing basket.  The morning sun was gushing all over my old pink basket that sits near the window.  Illuminating shafts of golden light breaking out between the cracks.  Glowing strangely and mesmorizing – like I stumbled on a scene from an Indiana Jones movie.

My Pink Saturday shot at how sweet the sound


Of course after a few hours I could not stand cleaning any more and headed outside into wild sunshine and strange balmy Spring air.  With no gardens to tend or outside furniture to recline in, the only obvious choice left was to take a walk.



February sunshine + long afternoon shadows+ empty straight dead end  roads =  Legs That Wont Stop Pumping

My Shadow Shot at shadow shot sunday 2

The warm spell lasted two days which allowed us the very next day to stroll down one of our most favorite of stroll-y streets:

Market Street in downtown Corning, NY



 The Super Speedy Stroll




The Reflective Stroll




The Thoughtful Stroll


Here's to enjoying the unexpected.






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