Re-Used & Re-Painted: my pink, macro, shadow shots







These shots; my link up photos to Pink Saturday at how sweet the sound   and I heart Macro at  studio water stone , are my first ever attempted  submission idea to my 'oft mentioned and beloved Somerset Magazine publication.  The  beautiful "Somerset" magazines have several publications.  Their Somerset Life, and Somerset Home being my favorite.  What make these publications so great are that these beautiful magazines are full of reader's submissions of beautiful art, ideas, and photos.  With no ads, and every featured article is not centered around some merchandise they want to sell you.  Usually at the wonderful  affordable price of…oh I don't know matching candlesticks for a steal $295…for the pair, not each…{ sign me up for a couple pair} !

All right, all right enough cynicism.  

I had to wait all crummy week because our weather was….well crummy to get any pictures.

Not even a drab yellow stain of sunshine in the sky till Saturday.

If you could not tell, this is an old quilters cutting mat, well worn, and stained from me cutting and piecing together all of my girls' baby quilts, our King-sized bedspread, numerous gifted baby quilts, and more quilted table runners and mats than we will ever have tables for.

I bought a new cutting mat when my rotary cutter kept getting stuck in the half inch grooves.

Decided it would make a good craft mat, now that I am into more smaller mixed media crafts…these produce an abundance of  messes.

The bright green cutting mat was as ugly as sin however, and so I got the revelation to spray paint it, and stamp "pretty matters" all the way around:  That is my home's theme.

Now don't go stealing my idea to Somerset.

I am still working on my Query letter.

My Shadow shot at shadow shot Sunday 2  are a result of all that energizing sun that suddenly descended on us yesterday.  I re-painted my daughters bedroom, and touch-up painted all her doodled upon bedroom furniture.



Spray painted her dresser drawers over in gloss white, and then just dabbed some pink paint on the heads of the dresser knob; which when painted, looked exactly like cheeky little mushrooms, don't ya think?

Here's to motivation(as opposed to naps, like my last post…I'm such a yo-yo)



11 thoughts on “Re-Used & Re-Painted: my pink, macro, shadow shots

  1. Leah, good luck with your submission to Somerset, I think recycling the cutting mat is such a great idea!!
    Your macro shots are fantastic! The knobs do look like little mushrooms! Very cute!
    Have a great week, hope to see more sunshine then rain! 🙂 Nothing like sunshine to motivate!


  2. leah…was just about to turn in…but remembered i needed to shut down this crazy computer…and read your words. thanks so much for your comments. i am odd man out right now…and realizing that i have to let go of those things i can’t control. i just want to enjoy life…not be hassled with negative. okay…more than you bargained for…but that’s the wonder of this place we call the www. again. thanks for stopping by.


  3. I thought the 3rd photograph, the image I saw first on Studio Waterstone, was a painted hardwood floor before I read your blog! It’s delightful, either way you look at it!
    Also enjoyed your “mushroom” handles. I looked back through your last several entries. I always enjoy doing that when I come to “visit” on Sundays! Such a pleasure!


  4. yes, they do look like mushrooms. little button mushrooms. =)
    looks like a sweetly decorated place for a girl.
    we’ve had crummy weather, too. either warm and gray or sunny and cold. how i long for spring..


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