Be Ye Kind


Linking up today with urban muser  {in the picture} "selfie" photograph group.  This group inspired me to start the new category "a slice of me".  Using these selfie pics to share time out that I take for myself to s l o w down and feed my spirit.

This Week:

My hands~ folded around a warm quilt: not clicking on a keypad; a deliberate ceasing of my scribblings; resisting temptation to finish up a long put off project.

My eyes~ closed, not drinking in mounds of to-do lists

My ears~ listening to the tink, tinking of a heating up wood stove, and the self talk of a three year old, still mad I turned off the TV; muttering in the other room

(don't worry she forgave me)

It's me being kind to myself, not disciplining myself to achieve.


I have been exhausted this week.

 A few night ago I literally shuffled off to our nearby living room couch directly after dinner. I drifted out of sleep in between reading chapter books, signing homework sheets, trying to converse with family members I have not really talked to that day.

Despite B-12 supplements, therapy energy lights, invigorating yoga routines, there were days this week I could not keep my eyes open.

Old, still mildly comfortable couches, warm faded quilts, and the radiating warm hug of a loaded wood stove, proved too seductive.

I took some naps this week ( I count closing my eyes for over 20 minutes, drifting out of consciousness while The Babe peers at me saying "are you sick,,,do you need a doctor" over and over again, as technically a nap).

Something I never do unless in my first trimester of pregnancy or deathly ill.

Despite my recognition that I need this sleepy time, I still experience the by-product of guilt: the toxic emissions of a high-energy, goal-driven, project-orientated soul, 

But it was good for me.  It was needed. To rest my body yes, but I think to give a break to my whirling mind.  When you are sleeping, you can't analyze, you can't keep asking questions, that you already know have no answer, and yet ask them anyway.

So go ahead, its the quiet slumbering time of the year after all: January.  All of nature in this hemisphere is slumbering, resting, getting rejuvenated. 

Why don't you?

Here's to Rest.

Cheers Good night



8 thoughts on “Be Ye Kind

  1. Beautiful images of your self, and I love how honest you are about needing rest – and taking that rest.
    I also read with interest your review of The Poisonwood Bible, one of my favorite books of all time. Makes me want to read it again.
    Peace be with you..


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