slippery snacks

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It has been a week full of routine boring stuff.

Thank goodness.

No sickness or emergencies.

Our lazy Saturday morning eyes woke to find more piling of powdery snow yesterday.

After drinking in the pretty scene of a still blanket of snow, my Mother brain chimes is with,

"Yes!  Maybe now they will play outside".

After a lazy morning of Netflix and eggs and wood stoves the dance of wrangling tiny bodies into thick socks, snow pants, hats, coats and gloves began. Ten minutes of padding for five minutes of play: that's the average.

The babe makes her rosy-cheeked appearance first; always without her knit mittens.

These shots show you what she was up to:



I love using the "blurry setting". 

For these two shots I focused on the icicles first, blurring the mitten and then did the opposite with the second; blurring the icicles and focusing on the bright mitten.


the gloves are coming off


slippery snack


7 thoughts on “slippery snacks

  1. Your photos are looking great! I love the ones with her mittens checking out the icicles:) Glad to know no one is sick – we are all finally recovered here. We finally have some snow too – although I’m quite sure we don’t have as much as you do. Have a Blessed week.


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