Staying Inside: My Pink, Macro, and Shadow Shots

Winter finally came blustering in this weekend.

With it came pretty pristine snow, vivid blue skies, and slick shiny icicles.

But you won't see any of those here.

I am a huge wimp when it comes to cold weather.

From roughly November to April I am permanently shod with thick socks and slippers, and at least two layers of clothes. Yet my feet and hands are in one of the stages of freezing-cold/numb/trying to get warm state. (this still amazes my warm blooded husband who wears shorts year round).

I went outside, camera poised in hand, but my boots didn't make it past the front porch steps.


I like the winter; from the inside only.

It's a time to slow down, and take your time.

Warm, dry weather is so fleeting where I live that I find myself almost feeling bad, or ingrateful if I stay inside when the sun is shining.

Not so in the winter.

So these pink and macro and shadow shots are me taking the time to take dozens of shots of a single object, using lots of different settings at different angles.


Super zoom-in setting using blurring back round mode:



Come winter our local Wegmans always has bouquets of fresh tulips and daffodils for pretty cheap.  The picture in the background is an old framed photo I picked up at barn sale.  I love the way the fresh flowers look against the old vintage photo. My I love macro shot of the week at studio water stone blog


"Shooting into back light" mode with an "increase of  +/- "setting

It took a bit of time getting the right angle but was able to get a crisp detailed shadow shot of the beaded lace hanging ribbon and of my fabric cone, made out of salvaged wedding dress material and an old shirt.

My Shadow Shot photo of the week at Shadow Shot Sunday 2





I was really pleased at how the shadow-y parts of these photos came out so clear, with the glowing pockets of fuzzy light crowning above.


Set to "pick particular light setting" with an "incandescent" mode. 

I took a gamble, because I was not positive what "incandescent" meant.  And still don't.


I love the blue green sheen of this shot has.

I often buy vintage books for their unusual or humorous cover. And I thought that this cover and title was funny, and actually read it. My Pink Saturday Shot of the week at How Sweet The Sound Blog

Here's to staying warm.


9 thoughts on “Staying Inside: My Pink, Macro, and Shadow Shots

  1. I love all the different shots you took in your house. I agree with you, I don’t like winter and I seriously could do without it! Love the lace shadow shot and the flower shot right after that, awesome!


  2. It is so cold here and still NO snow. Your flowers really boosted the old morale tonight. Your shadow shots turned out GREAT! Love the pink tulips…they made me pretend spring is on its way. The macro work is super…and your dark shots are awesome and my favorites. Boy, did you do a great job this week. genie


  3. Wow!!! Ok, these photos are beautiful!! First, I’m a sucker for tulips, and you photographed them gorgeously!! The soft background!! OH and the shadow shots with that wonderful light coming through the vase… seriously?! GORgeous!! Ok, enough raving πŸ˜‰ your comment on my blog made me laugh! But wait.. first of all saying you don’t have my talent… umm.. not true! See photos above! πŸ˜‰ Yes, I do, however have a large amount of art supplies, collected over many years… I’m addicted, lol, but sometimes basics are best. Of course you don’t need fancy supplies to make good art. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of paint and inspiration. Or a camera πŸ™‚


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