A Slice of Me:new Category/ new Photo Group/ same Ramblings

A Slice of Me.

That is the name of my new category.

I hope for it to be part of a semi-monthly photo group link up titled:

{In the Picture} over at a very cool NYC  blog called  Uban Muser

This picture group consists of all "selfies" (pictures of yourself, done by yourself).

Click on button on right if you wanna take a stab at it.

Here is my first submission, from I think last week(seems like a month ago now).  Titled: Me and Yoga

Here is my second:



Get it in writing


In the wee hours of the morning a slightly delirious sweaty-haired-three-year-old was keeping me company.

As she tossed and turned, asking for water with a raspy voice, and laughing at Daddy's "bear snores", lots of random thoughts kept my brain company too.  One such stray thought was this new photo group, and how to make my little contribution unique.

Not wanting to loose any good ideas; I lit a bunch of tea lights and scratched out some words in semi-lit flickering candle light, as to let my sick little one sleep.

Very Jane Austin.

If I could of laid hold of a quill pen or feathered plume I SO would of took a picture.

The picture above shows my authentic 3am scribbles, with my poised hand twelve hours later.

Here are my wee hours of the morning thoughts about my new category:

    I want these Slice of Me postings to capture what I did this week to feed my own spirit. Deliberate time that always, at the time, puts me in turmoil.  A tiny battle of words wages in my mind.

My two brains:

We'll call them spirit & practical.

They war with a peppering of suggestions and a counter-attack of excuses.

Spirit says:

Slip out of bed, and do your yoga.  It will make you feel better.

Practical says:

Just sleep some more.  You do too much already.

Spirit says:

Sit. Be Still. Pray. Read.

Practical says:

But you need to flip the laundry over.  And have you seen how gross the bathroom is?

Spirit says:

Take the time to write this down,  This incident, this flash, will soon be reduced to a fuzzy memory of good intent; the lesson loss.

Practical says:

But you need to flip the laundry over.  And have you seen how gross the bathroom is?  And by the way, what are you going to do about dinner?


    And on and on it goes: A battle of the ages.  Spirit and Practical differ in methods but are equally matched.  They squabble quite a bit.  Yet, like a long marriage of opposites they have come to the golden and divine understanding that they need each other.

They compliment each other.

They get on each others nerves.

Practical definitely has the upper hand in this relationship, as is necessary.  Spirit is a patient and gentle soul, and always knows when to insert herself in the midst of Practical's dominant reign, and big mouth that never shuts up. Practical has learned that without Spirit he runs dry.  His hands can't heal, fix, prepare, preform.  Life looses its glimmer; pleasures become a cruel memory of "easier times".

And so, with this series of {In The Picture} shots, in my Slice of Me posts I will attempt to show my "Me time".

Whether it be yoga, writing, reading The Bible, taking a long walk, slowly sipping wine while chopping four types of veggies, instead of nuking a frozen bag so I can pre-clean the kitchen before dinner, or spend an hour making a homemade card for a far away friend, instead of writing a line on her facebook page.  All this really is, is my listening and feeding my spirit time.  My assertion of telling Practical to take a break and shut up.

I hope you enjoy.



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