A Clean Sweep & Celestial Fruit



This second clean open shot is this Sunday's I heart macro shot.  I love the possibilities of a smooth unfettered white surface; a cut jar of sparkle inserts and dried lavender setting it off.  I have not joined in with my photo group in a few weeks, and I actually took the time to mess around, and realized I had a macro setting on my camera…who knew?

But let me back up to early this morning:

This morning my brand spanking new year started with another round of sickness.

Poised to go out the door for church service my big girl's latent fever and shakes from yesterday decided to re-surface. 

Big sighs.


Final conclusion:

"Ok I will miss teaching my Sunday school class again.  We'll stay home".

However, her sudden spike of temperature gave way to: wrapped up bodies in old quilts in front of warm wood stoves.

Now that the babe is a "big stuff three year old" she goes to her own Sunday School class, which she loves, and therefore does not automatically stay home with Mama on sick Sunday mornings.

Quiet and peace reigned supreme this morning. 

I have  long been an enthusiastic student of Charles H. Spurgeon, and his Morning and Evening Devotional. Revised by Alistair Begg, it has been my private tutor for a few years.   I read today's brand new January 1st reading aloud to my ailing girl.  The topic, as you may of guessed, was looking forward to the year ahead.  I love teaching, and my daughters are my favorite pupils.

She and I had an uninterrupted hour of Bible discussion with teachable applications and parallels to chew on.

Here is a portion of what I read:

        They ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.  Joshua 5:12.

They came to the land of milk and honey, and they ate the old corn of the land.  Perhaps dear reader, this will be your case.  Joyful is the prospect, and if faith be in active exercise, it will yield unalloyed delight.  To be with Jesus IS The Rest.  Unbelief shudders at the Jordan, that still rolls between us and the goodly land.  Will we this year gather celestial fruits on this earthly (and often blemished and disappointing) land?  Man ate Angel's food of old, and why not now?  We have the GRACE to feed on Jesus; our fruit in the land of Canaan this year.


    Any readers of this blog know that this last month has been really hard on me, for several, never directly stated reasons.  Last night after the ball dropped (why are we  compelled to watch that stupid sham of good cheer every year?  Luckily, Coldplay was playing on PBS, believe it or not, at the same time, and watched that most of the night.  But I digress.)  Me and Mr. MS got to talking and I still felt emotionally flat.  Not depressed, but not hopeful either.

Not a good place to be.

But after reading and praying; being still, I got to thinking about all "the celestial fruit" this lady has.  I am sure you can guess what went through my mind.  And really it ALL comes from The Lord. 

We are putting our house on the market this Spring.

Mr. MS is going for a new job this month.  A job that kinda just landed on him.  We don't even know where to start looking for new houses.  Maybe just an hour down the road in the sticks; maybe further.

My extended family issues are getting better.  They are getting better because The Lord is moving on hearts.

Gazing into the mesmerizing blue-orange flames of our wood stove I felt the familiar rise of optimism.  Simply stated:

A lot of crap I don't understand, and wish was not so,happened.  It happens to every human being.  But those things which matter most- my marriage, my children, the hope of Christ, are stronger than ever.

The celestial fruit.

And as sometimes happens, right on cue, the perpetual gloomy clouds our area is known for, parted. 

Sunlight poured in. 

I got my camera out. 

I actually took some time playing around with the couple dozen settings and effects I always felt too lazy to mess around with and shot:





clean old shiny wood

a soft quilt remnant with a dollop of glam and a sprinkle of buttons

simple white urns against a few splashes of powder blue decorations

My simple window seat – eye candy.

  It looks so refreshing and soothing after the heavy ropes of green and red swag and busy Christmas scenes.


More sunny contrast of wood varnish and white; empty, clean, and inviting.


Old empty frames with no backing, just open spaces of possibility

(the paper raven was my Kinder's Sunday school art project of Elijah being fed by the ravens)

I tried to take some pictures of my semi-stripped sewing room, but none of them came out.  My clean sweep philosophy has extended to my studio.  When I go in there, the walls, the shelves, and piles, and glass containers, and up-cycled objects, all vying for space in my roughly 10×10 room, makes my brain restless.  My eyes can't find a place to rest. 

Instead of being infused with creative energy, I feel almost claustrophobic and overwhelmed. 

So the big plastic totes are a-comin' out.  Putting everything away, EXCEPT half finished projects, my vintage fabric collection, (contained in a single tin bucket, I may add), sewing machine, cutting mat, embroidery notions, and my tray of beads, vintage bling, and old buttons.  Believe it or not, that list includes less than half of my "crafty stuff".


My big girl and I went out on our front porch and had ourselves a nice cup of tea with extra honey.  This time of year the weak sun can still warm our painted front steps.  We were without shoes or coat and spotted this:


One lone tiny phlox, called "mountain mist" or something close to that, I believe.  Buzzing around it, and our tea, was also a lone, confused honey bee.  Try as I may, I could not snag a photo.

I have some January aspirations and a few goals, shedding of some unnecessary things – a sabbatical of some responsibilities for the Winter and a bright eye towards an uncertain but secure future.

Here's to tasting the unknown fruit of 2012.



3 thoughts on “A Clean Sweep & Celestial Fruit

  1. Hey – I read down a few posts – some beautiful photography. I like the definition you give to your shots. All the cut/chopped pieces of the soup fixings (probably on the earlier post?) I was trying to figure out about following on this Typepad blog and got a little lost. Anyway, I just chose one of the posts I’d read to park a comment. Some interesting insights and frustrations. On one of the posts you mentioned phrases that are quite jarring – about custody battles and so forth. And, just life in general. It’s not a fairy tale, that’s for sure. It’s tough. And we do have to have the Solid Rock of Christ or we are like the house built upon the sand! Christmas – a man-made holiday garnered from Christianity and what the Christians did before accepting Christ – well, it makes life tougher sometimes. Imposed. But, you’re right, you have to figure out what it is in your heart and move from there. I’ve bounced around in it competing w/childhood moments that expanded with years. It’s a toughy. All things considered, when we get down to it- it’s life and Christ – to be shared daily more than anything.
    I’ve enjoyed reading around on your blog. Will figure out what to do about following. Hope to see ya later. Jenn


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