The Colors Of Christmas: a photo journal update our little lives






The color of pancakes and real maple syrup with raspberries for lunch because there was too much yelling in the morning. 

The color of decorations made for mom in a Kindergarten-past.

The color family gathering to visit, eat, drink, and act like kids:

just for a night.





The color of Mama trying to boost a languid, depleted immune system: winter virus, not enough sleep, and heartaches that are not easily mended, take a toll even on wanna-be "super moms".

The color of Christmas tree farms: a tradition that despite circumstances cannot be missed.



The color of our hope.

The color of The Light.

"angels bending near the Earth  to touch their harps of gold".





The color of hand crafted therapy, and our back door wreath that does not really look like a wreath, but is really pretty, and gives those who are forced to wait at our back door in the freezing cold something interesting to look at (we rarely hear when someone raps on our door: our house is much too loud).

It is the color of:

"Honey I'm sorry but I just CANNOT make a cake tonight".


A Mother's stroke of genius that proves: lit candles in a half gallon of birthday cake ice cream delights a three-year-old birthday girl just as much.



The jewel-toned color of cold clear sunny December skies against pungent smelling evergreens.

The colors of Family Christmas Memories that will out shine the stress and the pain; that promises to burn hotter and deeper inside of us more than the shallow cuts of disappointments and un-answered questions.

Here is to a life full of richness.



6 thoughts on “The Colors Of Christmas: a photo journal update our little lives

  1. Love the colors and the stories behind each one Leah! (I will also say that the icecream “cake” is brilliant!!) Also loved your santa post below ~ good for you putting the year on them! Do enjoy your Christmas with your family this weekend 🙂 Cheers back to you!
    Karla & Karrie


  2. What a beautiful family!! I loved this color journal Leah, and I love how cheerful and spirited you are in your posts–it shines through so well. And that looks like a darn good ice cream cake!!!
    And thanks for your comment on the weird kids post. Conscious parenting is about being present with our kids no matter where they are, and it’s obvious you are doing a great job :).


  3. Love this post,esp that gorgeous family pic in warm clothes.I like the ice-cream cake idea,my lot would love that.Have a great Christmas with them and remember what we can’t fit in today,will do for tomorrow.


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