diving in: (macro, shadow, pink weekend shots)

The calendar tells me it is only the 4th of December but I feel as if "Christmas is passing me by". The exciting rush of holiday preparations drained from my sails last week.

But lo, and behold, upon coming home from an all day run around late  Saturday afternoon; I have a painted living room!

Ghetto. No. Longer.

Smooth blue gray walls, placid and serene as a lake, reflected  off my empty canvas of a living room; beckoning to be decked with glittery decorations and twinkle lights.

My Sunday Shadow Shot at:hey harriet


I could of climbed up to my attic to haul out totes and totes of decorations, but that just sounded like too much work.  There are the pathetic fall decorations to contend with first, and lots of dusting:

way too depressing to tackle on a Saturday night.

What I did do was hole up into my studio/sewing room.

Cluttered and dusty with more than a couple sets of dirty, crusty ,dishes and glasses, hidden beneath fabric, paper, stamps, and hot glue guns.

But my mood and frame of mind was such that craft organization was strangely therapeutic.

When I hide in my room I often get seemingly pointless inclinations to do such things as;   

hot glue and hand stitch some left over Christmas fabric over an empty huge economy- sized box of rainbow goldfish:

It took my like two hours with all the family interruptions.

(C'mon when I said " I holed up in my room" you did not really think I was left alone…such a miracle would surely rival the  immaculate conception)!

It was enough to get my latent creative juices flowing again.

My i heart macro shot at: water stone jewelry

Cleaning always carries its own rewards( besides the discovering of missing wine glasses, and half eaten dove chocolates).

I found several old Christmas table runners, hand made decorations, piles of fabric remnants, notebooks, and wall hanging, buried in the dark scary closet of my room:

And  so this week is looming in front of me:

Fresh painted living room.

Organized studio with stacks of Christmas bling, fabric, and vintage goodies.

I am either overly anal


easily amused.

Form your own opinion.

I leave you with this Pink Christmas Sentiment:  at how sweet the sound



11 thoughts on “diving in: (macro, shadow, pink weekend shots)

  1. Your photos all have a shadowy quality about them!
    Shadows above and shadows below,
    Shadows that blaze and shadows that glow;
    Shadows outside and shadows indoors,
    Shadows on trees and shadows on floors;
    Everywhere shadows calling my name,
    Everywhere shadows no one can tame.
    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher


  2. Leah, you make us laugh 🙂 Congratulations are in order we see…the dining room is fabulous – hooray for you! There’s no decorations up at our homes either…hoping to get some of that done tomorrow! Enjoy your week!!
    Karla & Karrie


  3. Leah girl this was a wonderful post !
    I am so curious about your living room paint .. it sounds wonderful : )
    I haven’t done any indoor decorating save for the rustic Santa and glittery red tree on top of the fridge .. but you have inspired me .. I will think on as to what to do … soon ? LOL


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