More December stress and blog plugging


The body is easily broken, but The Spirit stands firm


Have you ever suddenly stopped…taken a look around…and asked yourself:

    "why am I not completely crumpling up on the floor, balling

     into the fetal position , and rocking back and forth like a crazy

    person right now"?

It was precisely that stunning realization that hit me last night, a few moments before serving some strawberry chocolate cake for my daughter's 8th birthday family celebration last night.

Pretty aint it?  My daughter made it and Mr.MS made the birthday meal.

This week I have had to go and drive and do something 5 days in a row. 

May not seem like a big deal to some of you, but for me that is grounds for a gran mal seizure. (thus the regulating of cake and dinner to family)

There is a lot of heartache that weighs heavily on myself and extended family this week.

Birthdays and Christmas parties, school projects, a still unfinished  and unpainted living room, and yes pumpkins and orange garland are still decking my house: dusting, pathetic, and tired looking.

But here I am.

Raged&Tired.  Mind Whirling&Nerves Tingling.

(does anyone else get tingling nerves down there neck and back when stressed…tell me its normal)

But no downward spiral of depression.

No explosions of stress-induced-rage.

Just "pressing on" is Jesus name, like The Selah song.

For that I am simply thankful.

(children that bake, husbands that cook, and red wine that pours helps too)


But let me get my blog plugging on:

wander wonder discover

is a wonderful blog. 

MJ, is a homeschooling mama from the Sunshine State of Florida.

Lots of beautiful photos, poems and quotes, random crafty endeavours and honest perspectives.


5 thoughts on “More December stress and blog plugging

  1. I loved your blog and I loved the jokes too!!!
    I really liked the pic. of the cake that was a really good shot I tried to take that same shot but I just could not.
    I know how you feel of when you feel like balling up on the floor and crying.
    Loved your blog today!!!


  2. The answer is sometimes we DO crumple into a little ball on the floor. I hope all is well with the family and thank you for the perspective of taking one day at a time, and the redeeming quality of cake.


  3. It seems to me that you have the Spirit of Christmas — the Holy Spirit of Christmas! You will be blessed through the season. And BTW, after Christmas I happen to know a Gramma who would be glad to take Miss C. for a day here or there so you could have a good shot at the painting and fix up projects. Savor the days. They go so quickly by.


  4. Such a pretty plate,maybe you could use the pieces later on and that cake looks so yum!What is it with the pressures of the world in December or do we just get higher expectations because everyone else does.I would stay home everyday if I could,hang in there until the holidays.


  5. wait, you mean wailing on the floor in fetal position and rocking back and forth isn’t normal? Oh….hee hee. You make me LOL–though I am sorry your nerves are frayed….I hear you…
    I’m wondering how the heck it got so busy from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1. Is it all just mental?? Probably…
    Thank you for the blog love friend! I am so happy to have met you! I hope you find time to relax!!


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