My December frame of mind



There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other's cooking & say it was good. ~story people

This is a quote from yet another inspiring site I stumbled upon through a blog I really admire at one still frame.

 Robin's blog is a beautiful, serene place to visit. It features nearly all natured-inspired photographs and thoughtful quotes from the blog's author herself and other known works. 

It was there I first read the great quick writings by the on-line site known as story people.  (the link goes to the home page..don't let all the merchandise they want to sell ya, throw you off…navigate around and you can find out how to sign up for their daily writing emails that give you short quotes everyday, like the one I shared above).

I really enjoy it….just when we are tempted to think email is dead, eh?

Ridiculously busy this week and probably for the rest of the month I would wager.  I think I may just concentrate on plugging other blogs that I have been inspired by this month. 

It is the month of giving, and all bloggers love getting the gift of blog promotions don't they?

It will give me a chance to share some of my pretty random shots I have sitting patiently in my hard drive that I just don't have any "post worthy" writings to accompany with them.

Peace, reflection, and simple joys to you all as we dive into December my friends.



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