shooting down traditions


Anyone who knows me, but a little, knows I love traditions.  I think my reading of Sarah Ban Breathnach's Mrs.Sharp's Traditions about seven years ago was instrumental in my shaping how this Mama ran our home, and kept family traditions to preserve good family memories.  

Life has been pretty topsy-turvey for…well it seems like forever. But really I would say the last year.  I feel like this crazy- blond-haired-estrogen-laden "manyslices"- family is swiftly coming upon a bend in our river of life.  A bend that does NOT exactly promise less turbulent waters, but different waters. 

Different is good.

We are totally into the "we are gonna move" mode now; full throttle ahead.

And suddenly things that "I always do" don't seem that important.

Suddenly things that I have been putting off, I…big gulp…have to get done (as far as the house is concerned).  Our house goes on the Market right around the time my daffodils come up.

Unfortunately, the "ghetto" living room pictures I posted like a month ago are not much "less ghetto".

Yeah, the only difference would be the drawings are gone, along with the tired old wallpaper, with the underneath painted dingy yellow walls, now smeared with spackle (due to ten years of children and my re-arranging of pictures compulsion),in its stead.

No pictures.

So here we are…my black Friday which always means "attic day" in our house…yes a tradition…based on the day after Thanksgiving I ALWAYS get all my Christmas decoration down from our attic, clean and dust and spend the entire day putting them up, just perfect.

With my formal living room (formal in the fact that the sole plug-in device is a floor lamp, and the kids are not supposed to eat in there) in its current condition I cannot.

And I care not.

I still love Christmas, have lots of fevered plans, and my festive lovelies will come down, soon. But not today my friends.

So today I cleaned the upstairs, and stripped more wallpaper with the most horrible awful glue backing ever invented by man.  I know it simply must be a man, because the removing of wall paper always falls on the woman's shoulders, because we are the ones who come up with the brilliant idea to spend several hundred dollars plastering mauve flowers with cream faux brush finish on all our walls in the first place (our next home will not have wallpaper).

But this was not supposed be about wallpaper.

It is about our Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving traditions I did not do.

The first shooting down of traditions came in the form of me sleeping in Thanksgiving morning ,and telling my two big girls to "yeah go downstairs, start making the cookies to go to gramma's", with the two little ones following them down the hall, whooping like hyenas going in for the kill, with visions of swiped hand-fulls of confectionery sugar dancing in their head.

What can I say:  I was tired.


This is what first slowly came into focus on my blurry-eyed Thanksgiving morning.

The girls' favorite recipes…yes they follow recipes. 

Betty Crocker's Sugar Cookies and Pretty Pink Princess Total Tea Cookies.

Mr. MS made his standard and always demanded Pumpkin Roll the night before.

The only thing I had to do was cook up some squash.  And yes I paid more to buy the pre-sliced and cubed package.

 Just added  butter, nutmeg, whipping cream,  pureed it, and call it good.

And it was.

I just decided I don't care.

I love baked good, but don't like baking.

My family is willing to do it, and so I let them.

"go ahead….make my cookie"….Dirty Harry meets Martha Stewart…sorry I had to put this picture up again…I can't get enough of it.

I did help with the rolling out and cutting of the shapes, and lots and lots of time cleaning the kitchen.  She did the frosting.  Honestly, a frosting gun is just too fun.  I actually forgot I had bought it on sale at Target about 9 months ago…because I don't bake anymore.  I found it rummaging for the turkey-shaped cookie cutters, that made sugar cookies that came out like this:


Off To Grandmother's House We Go…but that is different too. After 35 years my parents took the big jump and moved also:  point 5 miles down the road, yes, but still a big deal considering they built every square inch themselves, and raised five children there.

Its smaller, but we still, somehow, all fit.


The "adult table" (with a few squeezed in teens and tweeners) all set.

There was an additional table where the 7 little girls sat.  Four were mine, and the other three my sister's, who are best friends with my three oldest, and fight over who gets to play and rile up the babe.

Thanksgiving day was warm and sunny. 

Me and Mr.MS enjoyed an evening walk.

I was able to take these pictures on my parent's property:




Here's to "shooting" whether it be with a camera, a forgotten clearance frosting gun, or a different mind set.



4 thoughts on “shooting down traditions

  1. So cute!!
    I love the shot with me and the frosting jun!!
    I just loved it so much!!
    I love your blog mom you take the best pics!!! I also loved the pics at grandmas house!!


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